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Unki yaad aakar dil jala deti hai,
Jo karni ho baate wo baate bhula deti hai,
Chocha na tha is tarah se chhod ke jayegi,
Ek pal ko sab bhula deti hai.


Kab hua hume pyar pata nahi,
Kab ho gaya hume ikrar unse pata nahi,
Hum jinka intezar karte hain raato mein,
Unki yaad mein nikal aaya aansu pata nahi.

I See You Standing Alone
I Want To Kiss Your Face
I Long To Feel Your Touch
And Your Arms Around My Waist

I Want To Be With You
And Stare Deep Into Your Eyes

I’d Like To Be There For Eternity
But The Time Really Flies

It Seems When We Finally See Eachother
One Of Us Has To Go

All I Want To Do Is Sit And Talk
So Our Feelings We Can Show

You Make Me Really Crazy
But It Just Feels So Right

I Think About You The Whole Day Through
Wishing To Be With You At Night

You Make Me So Happy
Your Constantly On My Mind

There Is No One Better In The Whole Wide World
That I Could Possibly Find

My Feelings Are For No One Else
I Love Everything You Do

These Feelings I Have Simply Are
I Love You!!!!!!!!!!

Sapno Ki Tarha Aakar Chali Gayi
Apno Ko Bhula Kar Chali Gayi
Kis Bhool Ki Saja Di Hamein
Usne Pahele Hasaya Pir Rula Kar Chali Gayi

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"Aisay logon may say na hona jo doosron kay gunahon k baray may fikr mand rahtay hain aur apnay gunahoon say ghafil rahtay hain


Fog challenges human sight to look across it. Likewise, our destinations are hidden by the fog of our own sight. Rise, chase n win.

Be a candle, Be a light, Be a twinkle in the dark, Be a hope, Be an inspiration & make a big difference in others heart.

Good Morning.

So these seven words,
I pray you hold true,
"Forever And Always,
I Will Love You."


In Love ...

Letting Go Has

Never Been Easy


Holding On Can Be

As Difficult

For Strength Is Measured

Not By Holding


By Letting Go ...