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Great Lines By A

Broken Heart

"Your First Mistake Was

Leaving Me.

...Your Second Mistake Was

Giving Me The Chance To


I Could Live Without You..."

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It HuRtS wHeN wE

rIsK oUr



It EnDs uP bEiNg



WhAt hUrTs MoRe iS

wHeN wE


HoLd On WhEn wE

aLrEaDy KnOw

We ArE wAiTiNg FoR

NOTHING ... =(

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By A Broken Heart:

If You See Me Walking With Someone Else....

Its Not Because I Want To

Its Because You Weren't Brave Enough To Walk By Me.. !

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The most terrible





the feeling of

being unloved.

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Do You Know What Hurts The Most . . . ?

Itx When U Had Made Someone

Feel Special Yesterday The Same Person

Today Claiming U To b

The Most Unwanted Person ... :-/

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If its taking all ur strength...

if its killing your heart...

if its making you bear too much pain...

its making you ignore everything else...

make sure its worth it...


Let it go...

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Boy:I Did Something Really Stupid..

Girl: What?

Boy: Trusted You

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i wish im a stone..

so when d tym comes dat dey want

me out of deir lyf

dey can throw me as far as dey cud.

i may break into pieces,

but atleast i wont fil any pain..

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