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KyA AapNe kAbhi Munh me LiyA hy??

Wo MotA sA,

Aas-PAAs bAAL,


UpEr sE CoVEr...


JhooT boLTE ho?

KAbhi BUTTA nAhi khAyA? :p ;->

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Dil Chahta Hai K Aaj
Aap Ko
Konay Main Le Ja Kar
Ek Danda Le Kar,
Aap Ki,
K Style Main
Photo Khenchon ;->

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Kuch larkiyan khare hu kar dyti hein

Kuch larkiyan bend hu kar dyti hein

Kuch larkiyan tu beht kar dyeti hein . . . . . .


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A girl sitting in examination hall with sardar ji

Girl: sardar ji mein tuwadi nakal mar laa?..

Sardar: ahoo to meri nakel maar lay fair mein teri asal mar lawa ga...

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Hold It Gently
Put 2 Fingrs
If Dey Dnt
Fos Dem In
If De Hole‘s Big Enaf
Muv Up & Down
Ooh Yes..
Can U Fil It?
Dats How U Wash A Glass

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Smile is the 2nd best thing U do with ur lips.

Of course you know the first one... :-D

It's keeping ur mouth shut. :-P

But I like the way U think! ;-)

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Bush: Mere pain da char munda hua hy.
Musharraf: Mubarak huvay.
Bush: But ik masla hy.
Musharraf: o ki.
Bush: piu da pta nhe.
Musharraf: Koi gal nhe USAMA da pa diyo.

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TERi lita k lu?

Ya bitha k lu?

Andhere main lu ya bulb jala k lu?

ya tujhe karun khara ?

ya teri jhuka k lu?

Ab tu hi bata k main teri


kaise lon?

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