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Happy Birthday, Mother,
Even Though You Might Prefer

Life Without These Markers,
Each Too Public To Defer.

Now That You Are Fifty,
Sing To Us Your Own Sweet Song,

That We Might Celebrate Your Life,
Rejoicing All Night Long.

Each Of Us Has Love To Bring,
Each A Special Song To Sing,
To Lose Your Heart Among.


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The queen of hearts between the Jack and the King
Is wondering if its better to be in a fling
Than to be in love with somebody that's new
Who brings feelings to her like so very few.
The queen is playing dirty, with her heart in a knot
And she can't make a decision because it's just too hot
The consequences are harsh, but she knows its right
To leave the Jack for the King and start a big fight.
She's eyeing and spying, waiting for a good time
To tell the Jack about the King that is dying to shine
And take his spot in the deck as the one true lover
Who the Queen needs to feel somebody loves her.
I'm waiting around, as the joker of the deck
Whom nobody listens to, but what the heck
My heart is in the place that is truly right
And I'm ready to take on any little fight.
When the deed is done, I'll be sleeping fine
Because I've known what is right all the time.
To play chess with two hearts and win
Is as wrong as a fish with no fins.

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We invest to much into three little words
“I Love You” sends a shocking body surge
The chemistry is something thats be unheard….
When I look into your eyes;
I sense the comfort and warmth I've Longed for,
to the point I can hardly speak
you make my knees weak.

When you hold me close in your arms;
I feel safe, away from harm
Couldn't help but to fall for your natural charm.
When my heads lays down on your chest;
I hear the beat of your heart ring in my ear,
The sound only I can hear
makes me shed a tear.
When you take my hand into yours;
I know with you I truly belong,
We'll walk this world till the end of time
me being yours and you being mine
and baby to me thats the bottom line.

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You Make 10 Friends, Laugh With 9,
Meet 8 Of Them, Talk To 7,
Celebrate With 6, Share Secrets With 5,
Trust 4, Cry With 3,
Take Help Of 2,But Never Forget 1 Like Mev

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Hey Sis,
When The World Goes Dark,
Stars Are There…
When The Journey Breaks Up,
Hope Is There…
When The Entire World Is Vanished,
And You Feel Left Alone…
Tilt Your Head And Look Beside You,
Will Bring You Comfort Feeling Of
Care And Affection Molds On You,
As Your Brother Is Always Beside You

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A Friend Is Like A Flower,
A Rose To Be Exact,
Or Maybe Like A Brand New Gate
That Never Comes Unlatched.
A Friend Is Like An Owl,
Both Beautiful And Wise.
Or Perhaps A Friend Is Like A Ghost,
Whose Spirit Never Dies.
A Friend Is Like A Heart That Goes
Strong Until The End.
Where Would We Be In This World
If We Didn't Have A Friend…

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A Break Before The Flower Blooms
Petals Vibration Wet With Dew

Natures Tears As The Effective Begins.
I Guess Every One Of Us

Is Just Hoping To Turn Out To Be One
Of Those Forgotten Little Chosen Ones, Right

Man, You Know About Spells
There Are So Many

Reaching The Sun Warms Embracing Delicate Stems
Drawing Its Beauty From Within.

She Sighs At The Sight
Captivated By The Moment,

A Pause Before The Flower Blooms.
And Life Would Pay No More

A Breath Held Before The Kiss
Of Ecstasy Arrives.

Wilfred John

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There Are Many Times Of Darkness In My Life
There Seem To Be Many Patches Of Shadows

That Too Easily Cloud The Sunlight Of Your Presence
Why Do I Awake To A New Day?

Only To Discover That Its Just Another Monday Morning
With No Sign Of Your Promised Joy Of Your Presence

Oh, I Know There Are The Good Times
The Times Of Friendship And Laughter

The Times Of Peace And Beauty And Solitude
But They Are The Minutes Rather Than The Hours Or Days

They Are Fleeting While The Darkness Lingers
Do I Rush Around Too Much To Appreciate Your Tranquility?

How Can I Reach Out And Feel The Warmth Of Your Presence
When Life Seems Ice Cold

And The Day Is Darker Than The Night?

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Showing English Poetry Shayari 131 - 140 of 347, Page 14 of 35 pages.