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Love Means 2 See Someone With Closed Eyes,
2 Miss Someone In Crowd,
2 Find Someone In Every Thought,
2 Live 4 Someone, But Sure That Someone Is Only One.

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If You Ever Want 2 Succeed In Your Life,
Be Sweet As Honey,
Be Regular As Clock,
Be Fresh As Rose,
Be Soft As Tissue,
Be Strong As Rock And Be Good As !!!!

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They Say Time Will Eventually Mend A Broken Heart
However I Am Still Sleeping With The Ghost Of You And Me

Every Morning I Hope The Day Will Pass With Ease Only To Face Endless Nights
Each Night I Hope To Dream Away Without Seeing Your Face

I Cry Out To The Sky Hoping To Break The Silence
All I Could Hear In Return Is The Loud Stillness In My Head

Standing In The Pouring Rain With Each Drop Pounding
I Wonder How Things Muddle Up This Way

I Think Back When The Only Thing That Mattered Was You And I
You Were My Everything And I Was Your World

It Didn’t Matter Where We Were As Long As We Were Together
You Wish To Be Small Enough To Fit My Pocket That Way You’d Always Be With Me

We Would Dream Of Sleeping Side By Side Each Other Even If We Were Countries Apart
I Would Save The Right Side Of The Bed For You Miles Apart You Would Save Me The Left

Whenever I Started To Miss You I Would Look Over My Right And Knew You Were Next To Me
Now A Day When I Look Over All I See Is A Void An Empty Space In My Heart

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Peter Pan Sat On A Frying Pan
He Waved Back And Forth The Magic Wan

He Tried To Make The Rabbit Vanish
But Instead Her Broke His China Dish

Peter Pan Sat On The Frying Pan
He Rushed To Buy Another Dish

But He Was Hungry And Bought A Fish
He Thought The Dead Fish Would Swin Away

So He Stuffed The Poor Fish With Some Clay
He Rushed To Buy Another Dish

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It’s Comming On So Slowly,
It’s First Showing It Self,

At First I Barely Noticed,
But Now I’m Catching Up

First There Was The Music,
First There Was The Sound,

The Screaming Hell Of Something
Terrible Being Born In This World

All I Can Think Of Is Writing,
I Want To Place This Rage,

It’s Taking Over My Hand,
It’s Writing This All Down

Then It Started Watching,
Now It’s Silent Stalking,

It Follows Me Home,
And Creeps Into My Soul

Help Me I Cannot Speak
Help Me I Cannot Think

It’s Looking At The People Around Me,
It’s Seeing Into Your Souls,

Causing Me To Go Insane,
It Hates You And Everything

It Makes Me Want To Eat You,
It Makes Me Want To Vomit You,

It Makes Me Want To Hurt You,
It Makes Me Want To Kill You,

It Makes Me Want To Hide,
It Makes Mw Want To Die,

It Makes Me Then My Outside Changed,
The Hair, The Clothes, The Way I Walk

The Way I Act, The Way I Talk,
The Looks On Your Face,

Reflecting The Ways Of My Face,
My Expressionless Pit Of Eyes

That Go Down Into Its Soul,
Yes You Can See It You Can See It

It’s Devouring Me I Can’t Get Loose
I Shake And Cry Plead And Pull

But It Only Seethes Around,
And Into My Soul Faster

Its Grip Hardens I Scream In Pain
I Need Release I Need Help Me

When It Sleeps I’m Almost Myself
When I Am Alone I Can Almost Taste It

Normality The Person I Once Was,
But When It Returns

When I Know It Will
But Do I Really Want It To Go?

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We Started As Friends
Chatting And Talking
Seeing Smiling Face
Everyday As We Talk In The Net…
So Funny I Remember
Talking To Each Other
Until Finally We Can See
From Each Others Face
The Different Shine On The Eyes
When We Start Saying..
“Hi, How Are You?”
“ What Takes You So Long To Be On Line?”
This Time Is So Different
From The Casual Conversation
We Can Make Simple Things
So Significant And Worth Remembering
Until Finally, We Want Each Other
More Each Day…
Apologizing For Being Not On Time
And This Came To Be
Not Realizing We Have Finally Found
Each Other To Be Together
Wanting It To Be Forever
Someone To Share My Life,
Happiness Even Sadness
Just As Long As We Will Be Together
For Whatever I Do
Its Got To Be You…
Just You…
I Love U

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Broken Glass All Alone Your Worlds All Broken
Run To Me, Till It Feels Better

Back Again, Pains All Gone So Are You
Bruises,Cuts,What Have You Done?

Run To Me,Look Their Gone
You Move On I’m Lost In Your World Of

Broken Glass It’s Hard To Run,I Can’t Go Fast
I Trip And Fall; My Heart It Bleeds

Now Your Here, Now You See
Run From The Pain,Run From The Hurt,

Don’t Run From Me,
I’ll Help You When You Hurt

Your Pain Runs Through Me,
Broken Glass, I’ll Cut Myself

Let You See How I Felt
Can You Feel My Pain Inside

Does It Run Or Does It Hide?
Slowly Flowing Through Your Viens

Twisting,Turning,Go Insane
What I Felt Now Is Through
Broken Glass I Bled For You

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Friendship Is The Kind Of Love
That Never Can Grow Old.
Warm And Cozy It Will Stay
When Other Things Are Cold.
Friendship Is A Love So True
It Won't Be Denied,
Because A Friend Will Always Be
There Close By Your Side.
Boyfriends And Lovers Come And Go
In This Game Of Life We Play,
But A True Friend, No Matter What,
In Your Heart Will Always Stay.
So Hold These Friends Dear To You,
And Never Let Them Go.

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