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With All My Heart I Miss You,
And Long For The Day To Be With You.
God Has Been So Kind To Bless Me With One,
Who Seems To Be So Pure At Heart!
Forever Am I Thankful To Share A Friendship,
And Have A Special Someone In My Life.
Never Had I Dreamed That One Would Come Along.
With All My Soul I Want You,
And Feel The Need To Be One With You.
You Make My Life A Living Dream,
So Far Anyway.
Isn’t That Impossible?
I Have Known You For A Short Period Of Time,
But It Seems Like Forever.
I Am So Comfortable With You,
I Just Can’t Explain It.
With All My Mind I Try To Picture You.
So Sweet, So Caring, So Loving.
How Can This Be?
Your Smile Lights Up The Darkness Within Me,
I Am So High With Your Presence.
You Light Up My Life.
Never In Darkness Shall I Remain.
With All My Body I Feel Your Innocence.
A Rare Gift Of Beauty.
You Are Worth More Than Gold.
You Are Priceless!
Forever Will You Remain With Me.
Never In All My Life Will You Be Forgotten.
With All My Heart, Soul, Mind And Body,
I Can Truly Say That I Have Been Blessed.
God Has Given Me A Treasure To Last A Lifetime.
And…Much Longer Than Forever…
A Beautiful Stranger!

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If Love Is Sweet Why Does It Hurt,
If Love Is Deep Why Does It Burn,
If Love Is Warm Why Do We Shiver,
If Love Is Tender Why Do We Cry,
If Love Is Forever Why Do We Die

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When I Die
When My Coffin
Is Being Taken Out
You Must Never Think
I Am Missing This World
Don't Shed Any Tears
Don't Lament Or
Feel Sorry
I'm Not Falling
Into A Monster's Abyss
When You See
My Corpse Is Being Carried
Don't Cry For My Leaving
I'm Not Leaving
I'm Arriving At Eternal Love
When You Leave Me
In The Grave
Don't Say Goodbye
Remember A Grave Is
Only A Curtain
For The Paradise Behind
You'll Only See Me
Descending Into A Grave
Now Watch Me Rise
How Can There Be An End
When The Sun Sets Or
The Moon Goes Down
It Looks Like The End
It Seems Like A Sunset
But In Reality It Is A Dawn
When The Grave Locks You Up
That Is When Your Soul Is Freed
Have You Ever Seen
A Seed Fallen To Earth
Not Rise With A New Life
Why Should You Doubt The Rise
Of A Seed Named Human
Have You Ever Seen
A Bucket Lowered Into A Well
Coming Back Empty
Why Lament For A Soul
When It Can Come Back
Like Joseph From The Well
When For The Last Time
You Close Your Mouth
Your Words And Soul
Will Belong To The World Of
No Place No Time…..

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Your Love Is An Ocean
Where Sand Meets The Sea

Waves Of Love Rolling Over Me
Your Love Comes To Me

As The Tide Comes To The Shore
Wanting And Needing To Embrace Me More

Your Love Is The Moon
Shinning Across The Shimmering Sea

Deep Wide Strong And Calm
Always There To Carry Me

Your Love Is My Shelter
My Compass My True North

Where Ever I Go Your Love Is Guiding Me Forth
Your Love Is The Fresh Ocean Breeze

Gently Sweeping Across My Face
Touching Me From Place To Place

Your Love Is The Salty Air I Smell
Clearing My Thoughts And Thinking

Your Love Is The Life Preserver
That Keeps Me From Sinking

When I Go There To The Sea
I Am Not Alone For Your Love Is With Me

I Feel You All Around
The Beauty The Wind The Mystery

Your Love Engulfs Me Takes My Breath Away
Holds Me In Wind’s Arms

When I Close My Eyes Dancing Memories Of Your Charms
Never Escape My Deepest Memory

So If Ever Our Souls Part To Say Goodbye
Meet Me There Where The Sea Meets The Sky

Your Love Will Forever Be With Me
Where The Sands Touch The Sea

Our Love Lives On
Our Love Flows Back Out Into All Eternity

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I saw a beautiful morning like I had never before
With a cloudy sky up hiding shine of the sun
So cleverly in her heights

I felt a soothing wind like never before
Touched so gently passed through my heart
Made me fell so close to someone I love

I went in the rain, I walked in the dark
The flawless nature and all the joy in my heart
Made me feel of someone I knew

And when I smelt the queen of all flowers
I found that I knew that too in my mind,
Only that day when you came to us, in the world
My dear, I realized
All that was of you!

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You Can Do Almost
Anything You Put

Your Mind To.
You Can Swim The

Deepest Ocean And
Climb The Highest Peak.

Be A Doctor Or
Fly A Plane

You Can Face Adversity
And Still Walk Tall

You Are Strong, Beautiful, Compassionate And
Much More Than Words

Could Ever Say.
Today Is Yours And

So Is Every Other Day.
Happy Women’s Day

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I Close My Eyes And Try To Go To Sleep,
But With The Sadness Inside I Begin To Weep.
Suddenly I Remember What You Once Said To Me,
Just Meet Me In The Stars, Waiting For You I Will Be

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I Just Can’t Get Over You I Really Don’t Know What To Do
Everything I Did I Did For You Now There’s Nothing Left For Me To Do

I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
Eventhough You’ve Been Treating Me So Cold

To The Devil I Would Sell My Soul
Just So I Would Have Your Hand To Hold

But, I Just Had To Let You Go Everything You Ever Said
Is Always Running Through My Head

Through My Broken Heart, It Was You I Lead
“You’re A Very Good Friend”, To Me You Said

You Voices Echoes Thrughout My Head
Without You, I Might As Well Be Dead

For I Felt This Weird Desire Never Wanting Our Friendship To Expire
It’s Your Strength That I Really Admire

You Fed And Took Care Of My Inner Fire
But Now I See The Brutal Truth You’re Just Another Liar

Whenever You Could, You Caused Me Pain
I Think You Loved To Drive Me Insane

It Was My Soul That You Wanted To Maim
I Never Thought You Could Be So Lame

You Promised Me You’d Change
But You Still Remained The Same

On Me You Put All The Blame
Convincing Me To Feel The Shame

Our Friendship Was So Simple And Plain
‘Abusive’. There! I Gave It A Name

You Just Couldn’t Stop Hurting Me
Away From You I Tried To Flee All Too Reluctantly

I Hope That One Day You Will See
How Very Much You Will Always Mean To Me

Looking Down On You, I Am Free
I Love You Madly, But Please

Just Let Me Be! I Don’t Think I Can Get Over You
I Really Don’t Know What Else To Do

Everything I Did I Did For You
Now There’s Nothing Left For Me To Do

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