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Believe In Urself !
A Bird Sitting On Da Branch Of A Tree
Is Not Afraid By Da Shaking Branch
Da Bird Trusts Not Da Branch But Her Wings.
So Believe In Urself !
When People Talk Behind Your Back,
What Does It Mean ??
It Means That You Are Two Steps Ahead Of Them!!
So, Keep Moving Ahead In Life!!
Have A Nice Day'

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How Simple To Be Happy Here In Heaven!
After All, One Doesn't Want For Much.
Passion Finds Its Willing Partner, Ever
Pleased To Please With A Deft And Tender Touch.
Yearning Is Like Walking Through A Valley
Veiled In The Loveliness Of Flowers.
All The Beauty Of The Earth Can Only
Lead Us To The Edge Of What Is Ours.
Etched Into Our Love There Is A Message,
Not Of Now But Of All Time And Place,
Telling Of A Truth Beyond The Passage
In Which We Move From Mystery To Grace.
Nor Are There Signs That Such Content Can Be
Except My Love For You, And Yours For Me.

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If I Light Just One Candle And You Light Just One Too
And We Pass The Flame From Wick To Wick
From Us To You And You
And If We Keep It Going Around The World You’ll See
The World Is Glowing With The Light
That Came From You And Me
With One CandleJust One Candle
Yes One Candle Burning Bright
With One CandleJust One Candle
We Can Fill The World With Light

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Friends Smile At You.
They Like Your Face.
They Want To Be With You
Any Old Place.
Friends Have Fun With You.
Friends Share
They’re Glad When You’re Happy—
When You’re Sad, They Care.
If You’re A Friend
Then You Care, Too.
That’s Why Your Friends
Are Glad You’re You!!!

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A Heart Of Gold Will Never Rust
It Is Too Precious And Too Fine
Those Who Know This Think It To Be
Sweeter Than The Sweetest Wine
More Valuable Than Any Treasure
Shining Brighter Than Anything Ever Known
It's Love Is Stronger Than Any Weapon
And Those Who Know This Are Never Alone
Nothing Else Is Like This Friendship Of Ours
Hearts Of Brass And Silver Cannot Compare
To The Beauty And Warmth It Offers Each Day
And With It I Shall Always Be There Whenever
You Need Anything To Share

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Your Love Gives Me Strength To Live Day By Day.
To Enjoy My Life To The Fullest

To Understand That Life Is A Journey
And That We Can Travel It Together.

Your Love Teaches Me That Love Is Unconditional,
And That Our Love Will Never Die.

It Will Go Through Many Changes,
Just As Our Lives Are In Constant Motion.

You’ve Taught Me To Be Secure In Our Love.
The Way You Love Me Gives Me Butterflies.

I Feel Strangely Light Headed.
I Look Forward To Your Touch, The Sound Of Your Voice.

The Comforting Words You Offer,
And Your Undying Support.

You’ve Taught Me That Love Can Last A Lifetime,
And That You Must Work At It.

Something This Precious Cannot Be Given Up.
The Way You Love Me Lights My Life
And Burns A Fire Deep Inside.

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Everyday my heart it breaks
the things you do send it in a shake
I want to be with you everyday
But you always seem to run away
I know you think running away is the only choice
But if you sad speak up raise your voice
Because when you leave you only leave other sad too.
So come back and i'll help you threw thease times
Because i love you and im forever yours if you'll be forever mine

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What Is Going On
What Is Their To Do
Is This Another Joke
Or Do You Really Care
What Is Happening
What Is Going On
Is This Able To Happen
All The Love In The Air
Is This Really Love
Or Is It Another Fullfillment Of Lust
Jogging Threw My Head
Leaving Me In A Cloud Full Of Dust
Blind To Whats In Front Of Me
And To Who Is Really Their
I Need Find The Answer Thats Hidden In My Heart
Do I Really Love You Or Am I Feeling Lust

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Showing English Poetry Shayari 11 - 20 of 347, Page 2 of 35 pages.