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I Promise Read But Write More,
Talk But Think More,
Play But Read More,
I Promise You Will Succeed, Sure

Eat But Chew More,
Weep But Laugh More,
Sleep But Work More,
I Promise You Will Be Healthy, Sure

Hate But Love More,
Order But Obey More,
Quarrel But Agree More,
I Promise People Will Love You For Sure

Punish But Forgive More,
Spend But Save More,
Consume But Produce More,
I Promise People Will Respect You, Sure.

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In My Whole Life,
There Is No One Else Like You.
Someone Who Changed My Life,
Just By Being You.
You Are An Angel To Me.

The Music Of Your Laughter
Still Lightens My Inner Ear.
You Showed Me You Believe,
That There Really Is Good Here.
You Are An Angel For Me.

You Showed Me That You Care,
When I Was Really Down,
You Never Turned Away,
Nor Showed Me A Saddened Frown.
You Are An Angel Beside Me.

Even When You Are Sad And Blue,
And Life Is Hard On You,
You Spare Me One More Smile,
Just Like God’s Loving Child.
You Are God’s Angel To Me.

You Have Done So Much For Me,
And Given Me Your Time.
I Have A Gift For You,
With This Imperfect Rhyme.

Thank You My Angel Friend

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One Day When You Feel Alone
Remember I'm At The End Of A Phone
I Love You Loads
And That Must Show
I Want To Let All The World To No
I Have A Friend, That Is You
I Love You For All You Do
Your Face So Sweet And Your Heart So Gentle
Keeping Me Together When I'm Going Mental
Telling Me You Love Me And That You Hold Me Tight
Being There For Me Even In The Night
Thank You Friend You Mean A Lot To Me
Maybe Now You'll See
How Much You Mean To Me

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Once in a while
You are in my mind
I think about the days that we
And I dream that these would all
come back to me
If only you knew every moment in
Nothing goes on in my heart
Just like your memories
How I want here to be with you
Once more
You are always gonna be the one
And you should know
How I wish I could have never let
you go
Come into my life again
Oh, don’t say no
You are always gonna be the one
in my life
So true, I believe I can never find
Somebody like you
My first love.

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Difference Between Love & Friendship
You Give Your Whole Heart
To Your Love & They Break It

But You Give Your Broken Heart
To Your Friend & They Make It

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Your Reading My Poem,
When You’re Done, I’m Dead.

I Put The Loop Around My Neck.
I’m Ready To Fall From The Stool.

Kinda Scared, But Oh Well,
No One Will Notice ‘That’ I Was Even There.

People Thought I Wasn’t The Type Of Guy To Kill Myself.
I Was Always To-Myself. Never Saying Much.

I Even Had A Smile.
What Could Be Any Better, But This Guy’s Life?

Well It All Changed When, Well, I Just Outta Nowhere Lost It.
People In This World Made Me Sick I Guess.

I Just Couldn’t Keep On Living Like I Was.
It Had To End. It Had To End Now.

Kicking Down The Stool,
Dangiling Around, Feet Off The Ground.

Choking, Trying To Gasp For Air.
My Last Breath I Will Ever Breathe Is Gone.

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When you take me in your arms,
The world pauses it's senseless spin,
The skies no longer seem too far away,
I float on a cloud, and swim about
In the most vast sea of joy…
You fill me so with love within,
No dream's too far away…
When I can feel the warmth of your breath,
When I can lay my head

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Be With Me And Be My Love,
Thy Nature Seems Free Like A Dove.

I Would Give Thou A Face,
And A Look That No One Would Out Pace.

I Will Give Thy A Beauty That Thou Will Treasure,
For All To See And For My Own Pleasure.

Thou Lips, Thou Eyes, Thou Face A Sight,
That Would Bring A Measure Of Delight.

Thou Hair Would Be A Color And A Shade,
That In Your Life Never Would Out Fade.

Thou Eyes Would Be Deep Sea Blue,
That Would Outshine The Sun, Too.

Thou Lips A Color As Bright As Red,
That Would Have Rose Bush’s Flowers Shed.

Thou Eyebrows Would Be Curved
As The Crescent Of The Moon,

That Will Bring Out Thou Eyes As A Musical Tune.
Thou Lips, Thou Eyes, Thou Face Would Sing,
And Think Of All The Happiness It Would Bring.

So Come With Me And Be My Love
As I Take You To A Journey To A Pearl Cove.

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