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Take Back Those Words
Those Words That You Will Regret

Those Words That Fill The Void
Take Back Those Words

Those Words That Bring False Joy
Those Words That Mean Nothing To You

Take Back Those Words
Those Words That Breathe Life Into Me

Those Words That Carelessly Roll Off Your Tongue
Take Back Those Words

Those Words That I Have Heard Before
Those Words That Meant Nothing To Those Who Have Said Them

Take Back Those Words
Those Words That Can Cause The Heart To Bleed

Those Words That Are Just Words To You

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At Night At The Sea.
When There You Will Be.
In The Wind You And Who,
You Will Dance With The Wind
When The Start Never End
With The Waves Both Flow,
Dropp Me Back To The Rain
Keep With You The Love’s Chain
Then Back Me To The Bow,
The Amazing One Are You.
Water Me And The Buds.
Teach The Buds How To Grow,
Your Words Like The Touch,
Your Touch Like The Dew,

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Deeper Than The Oceans, More Plentiful Than Its Waters
Higher Than The Mount, Stronger Than Its Wall
Wider Than The Horizon, Brighter Than Its Skies
Greener Than The Field, Fresher Than Its Verdants
Finer Than The Flowers, Lovelier Than Its Petals
Cooler Than The Dews, Sweeter Than Its Kisses
Warmer Than The Sun, Milder Than Its Touches
Sparkling Like The Stars, Is My Love For You

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Here Once Was A Girl Who Believed In All There Was To Believe
She Would Pray To Her God And Even With Her Eyes Closed She Could See

Then A Lot Of Bad Stuff Just Happened To Come Her Way
She Tried To Do Everything So She Wouldn’t Have To Live The Pains Of Another Day

But For Some Reason She Got Through It All Waking Up To Find The Sun Shinning Bright
From That Day Forward The Happiest Times Would Seems Darker Than Night

So She Stopped Believing Never Tried To Talk To Him Again
She Had No One Else To Talk To No One Left To Befriend

Looking At The World From A Darker Point Of View
It Seemed As If There Was Nothing Left Never Again To Be New

So Finally She Found Something To Confide In The Most Unexpected Thing
The Brightest Star In The Sky Gave Her A Set Of Wings.

She Made Wishes Nightly It Held Her Hopes And Prayers
For That Star Was Something That Would Never Fade Away

And It Would Always Be There She Told It Of Her Loves
And Told It How She Begun To Hate Told That Star The Story

Of How She Lost Her Faith Even Though It Couldn’t Talk Back To Her
It Kept Her Going Far So Now She Has A Name For It

Its Her Mourning Star

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Written With A Pen,
Sealed With A Kiss.
If You're My Friend,
Please Answer This:
Are We Friends Or Are We Not?
You Told Me Once, But I Forgot.
So Tell Me Now And Tell Me True,
So I Can Say, I'm Here For You.

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I’m Really Not The Praying Kind,
But, Lately I’ve Been Down On My Knees,

Looking For A Reason To Believe,
Searching For An Answer To My Dreams,

Praying For A Miracle To End My Anxiety
To Find Rest For My Constant Worried Mind,

Disintegrate All My Problems,
Confess My Sins And Lies

Longing For The Happiness,
That Has Completely Disappeared Out Of Sight

Seeing The Pain That I Can Feel So Clear,
Fearing The Fear Within Me Here,,

Shouting Out With A Fierce Cry,
Feeling The Pain Shoot Through My Eyes

Looking To The Stars Up High,
Wishing For My Dreams To Come True,

Who Am I Kidding,
My Wishes Have Run Out Of Time

I’m Just Sitting Here Crying,
As My Body Is Slowly Dying,

Giving Up To One Last Wish,
That I Will Commit To Suicide

I Kneel Upon The Heavenly Skies
Star Light, Star Bright,

The Last Star I Will See Tonight,
Will I Won’t, Wish I Might,

Take My Life, My Life Tonight

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A Subtle Vaingloriousness Nags,
To Have Been A Cynosure:

A Show Piece Extraordinaire
Of Forte And Facade;

But The Image Dejects.
I Slump Into A Flaccid Self -

A Limp Heap
Of Divested Fatigues.

In Retrospect, Missteps Loom Large;
Glossy Silhouettes Of Bizarre Phantoms

Grimace From A Distance:
The Mocking Demons Of My Own Make.

In A Fit Of Despair,
I Can’t Help A Few Tears.

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Can You Hear My Heart Breaking?
I Look Sullenly Upon The World.

I Brood About You, I Love You So Much.
I Miss You I Long For You.

The Memory Remains, All I Have Now Is That.
I No Longer Have You, But I Suppose I Never Had You At All.

My Heart Breaks. I Cry My Nonphysical Tears,
Because I Cannot Cry Real Ones.

Does That Make This All Unreal?
I Really Feel My Heart Breaking,

I Really Know You Are Gone Now,
I Really Love You, I Realize It Is The End

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