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Limping Hearts On A Valiant Battlefied
They Have Stopped Singing For The Nurses To Mend

For Days Without Joyful Music
Limping Hearts Now Are Wounded And Weak

Their Nation Longs To Hear Their Voices
Instead Has Listened To The Explosions Of Bombs

Limping Hearts Lie Still On Crimson Soil
Awaiting To Inhale The First Jingle Of Noel

Winter Soon To Creep Home
From A Long Journey Through A Deadly Storm

The Bloody War Now Near The End
Amd Those Limping Heart Will Sing Like A Merry Hummingbird

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Across the Miles we stand
Two great friends
Friendship Poems
We go through conversations
No knowing if it's a smile or a frown
Our bodies stand miles apart
Two great Friends
We'll never be apart
Not even the greatest distance will part us
Our hearts stand as one
So across the Miles we stand
In our body form
But our hearts are one
In our spirit form
Two great Friends
Is what we stand for

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Imagine There’s No Heaven,
It’s Easy If You Try,

No Hell Below Us,
Above Us Only Sky,

Imagine All The People
Living For Today.

Imagine There’s No Countries,
It Isnt Hard To Do,

Nothing To Kill Or Die For,
No Religion Too,

Imagine All The People
Living Life In Peace.

Imagine No Possesions,
I Wonder If You Can,

No Need For Greed Or Hunger,
A Brotherhood Of Man,

Imagine All The People
Sharing All The World.

You May Say Im A Dreamer,
But Im Not The Only One,

I Hope Some Day You’ll Join Us,
And The World Will Live As One

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A Paper Dropped
From Her Softy Hand
She Went  Out From The Restaurant Quickly
I Thought  The Paper Is A Perfume Love Letter
It Was The  Restaurant Bill
The Boat Was Close From The Coast
And There Was No Problem
Which Crazy  Time This Storm Had?!
To Destroyed A Boat Which Anchored
For Moments

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Before I Could Love Somebody I Have To Love Myself-I Have To Love Me More Than I Love Somebody Else
I Can’t Continue Putting Him First-I Have To Gain Some Self Worth.
I Can’t Make Him Happy When I’m Sad-When I’m Gone He Will Realize What He Had.
I Can’t Take This Pain No More-I Know To Him I Just Got To Close The Door.
I Can’t Keep Crying Over Him When I Know He Doesn’t Love Me-I Have To Wake Up I Have To Finally See.
I Wasn’t Meant For Him-He Wasn’t Meant For Me-Why Am I Finding It So Hard To Just Set Him Free.
So Many Years I Tried And Tried-So Many Times I Know In My Heart That He Lied.
All Time I’ve Wasted I Can’t Get Back-I Need Someone To Give Me The True Love That I Lack.
If You Loved Me He Would Have Put Me Above All-He Wouldn’t Expect Me To Be There At His Every Beck And Call.
He Would Left Me Up Instead Of Putting Me Down-He Would Have Appreciated The True Loved He Found.
Instead He Caused Me So Much Hurt And Pain-Drowning My Tears In The Falling Rain.
God, Please Give Me The Strength To Just Let Him Go-Why Do I Still Play The Fool, When I Know.
Love May Hurt Sometime But It Doesn’t Hurt This Bad-Why Am I Trying To Make Him Happy When I’m Truly Sad?
I Have To Put Myself First I Have To Love Me-Why The Hell He Won’t Just Let Me Be.
Love Is So Easy To Fall In, And So Hard To Fall Out-I Know In My Heart I Could Do Without.
I Just Don’t Know How To Make Him Go Away-How Do I Get My Heart From Wanting Him To Stay?
I Need Someone To Give Me A Love That Is True-And I Know Now That It Is Not You….

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You Taught Me To Trust Again
In This World Of Selfishness
And Despair.

You Lent Me Your Ear,
When Nobody Listened,
Only Would Hear.

You Understood My Worries
When Nobody Did.

You Took My Broken Heart
And Made Me Whole Again.

Thank You For Being My Friend!

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Mum I Just Watched The News, The Cartoon Was Boring Me.
Why Do You Watch It? Mum It Made Me Cry.

Can I Tell You The Story I Heard, Can You Explain It To Me?
I Don’t Understand Mum, How Can Someone Take Their Life?

They Said She Was 15, Just Like Sis,
That She Lived In A Village, She Lived In Leicester Too Mum.

What Is Suicide? Does It Mean Kill Yourself?
Her Body Was Found At Bradgate Park, Bleeding From Her Wrists.

What Does Depressed Mean Mum? They Said Thats What Drove Her To Do It.
She Said No One Loved Her, Not Even Her Family.

Why Are You Crying Mum? Is It Because Its A Sad Story?
I Cried To Mum. Promise You Wont Let Me Get Like That Mum,

That You Will Always Love Me And Marie, I Dont Want To Die Mum,
I Dont Want To End Up Like That. Come Here, I shall Give You A Special Hug,

Please Stop Crying I Have More Questions Mum, Before You Send Me Up To Bed.
Where Is Marie, She is Been Gone A Week?

Why Did That Girl Have Her Name? Why Does She Look Like My Sister?
Please Mum, Wipe Your Tears And Tell Me, Why Did Marie Commit Suicide?

Why Didnt She Tell Me? Was It My Fault?
I Never Told Her I Loved Her, Please Mum, Make Her Come Back,

Or Can I Still Kiss Her Goodnight?

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Love Sweet Sounds From The Music Of The Heart,
Composed Of Flowers And Flattery,
Played By Instruments, Each Has Its Own Part,
Sung With Passion And Delicacy.
Love Faded Pages With Meaning Beyond Comprehension,
Written With Strength And Fervency,
Read By Many With Constant Devotion,
Stored On Shelves Of Diversity.
Love Strokes Of Vivid Colours And Happiness,
Drawn By The Instinct Of Desire,
Painted With Tenacious Tenderness,
Displayed In Galleries Of Grandeur.

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