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I Shine On The Outside
Pretty For All To See

But Still I Remain Closed Off
To Everyone But Me

When I Open Up
Don’t Expect It To Be Easy

And When I Open Up
Don’t Expect Me To Be Nice

You’ve Invaded My Little World
Where I’ve Got All The Rights

I’m Like That Pretty Safety Pin
Holding Your Zipper Up

I’m Like That Pretty Safety Pin
Dangling Arund Your Neck

I’m Like That Pretty Safety Pin
That You Use To Make All Your Skin

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My Beloved Gave Me Limitless (Love), And I
Gathered To The Best Of The Limits, That I Could Hold:
As If, I’ve Lived My Whole Life, Just In A Moment!
(And), Still I’m Living That Moment, A Hundred Times:
To Which, Beloved! I’ve Dedicated, Whole My Life!

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I love you,
I can't think of a better way,
To spend my life,
To be with you everyday.
I think about you every minute,
I hope you think about me,
There is no other place,
I would rather be.
Baby you make life simple,
You make it easy,
I love you babe,
Don't ever leave me.
I dont want to be alone,
I couldnt survive without you,
I think I'd die out on my own,
I don't know what I'd do.

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Slowly,Silently,Now The Moon
Walks The Night In Her Silver Shoon
This Way, And That, She Peers, And Sees,
Silver Fruit Upon Silver Trees
One By One The Casements Catch
Her Beams Beneath The Silvery Thatch
Couched In His Kennel, Like A Log,
With Paws Of Silver Sleeps The Dog
From Their Shadowy Cote The Pink Breasts Peep
Of Doves In A Silver-Feathered Sleep
A Harvest Mouse Goes Scampering By,
With Silver Claws, And Silver Eye
And Moveless Fish In The Water Gleam,
By Silver Reeds In A Silver Stream

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My Heart Was Closed, A Blank Canvas,
Like A Virgin Untouched

Though I Loved No One Ever
Painted Their Soul On Mine

Until You With The Brush Of Your Passions
Painted My Heart With Joy Reserved For Angels

With  Hues Of Love, And Like
The Soft Touch Of An Artist Brush

Your Loving Hands Moved
The Colors Of My Soul And

Blended Them With Yours
Creating In Me Sunsets And

Moonlight, Oceans And Shores
My Eyes Get Lost In Yours Like

A Painter Lost In His Art
You Will Never Know

The Masterpiece You’ve Created

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Friendship Is A Priceless Gift
That Cannot Be Bought Or Sold
But Its Value Is Far Greater
Than The Mountain Made Of Gold
For Gold Is Cold & Lifeless
It Can Neither See Nor Hear
& In The Time Of Trouble
It Is Power Less 2 Cheer–
It Has No Ears 2 Listen
Nor Heart 2 Understand
It Cannot Bring U Confort
Or Reach Out A Helping Hand
So When U Ask
God For A Gift
Be Thankful If He Sends
Not Diamonds, Pearls Or Riches
But The Love Of Real True Friends..

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The Way Two Hearts Meet,
Never To Remain The Same Again.
This Heart, So Fragile,
Muses Over Every Passing Moment,
Every Passing Moment, Reminding Me,
Of Those Times, When Love Blossomed,
Its Warmth Felt So Profoundly In My Heart,
Your Smile That Burned A Cherubic Flame In Me,
Nights Lived In The Bliss Of Love,
Those Moments, So Unforgettable,
Where Did They Lose Themselves?
How Strange This Life Is,
For Tearing Away Two Hearts, Once Inseparable,
Words Left Unspoken, Your Absence,
So Impossible To Bear,
If This Is How It Is Meant To Be,
Why Is It Meant To Be This Way?
These Moist Eyes,
Their Story Nothing New, Beckon You,
This Heart Searches For Itself,
Why Does It Only Find You?
My Fervid Devotion Calls You,
This Bond I Share With You,
Never Should It Break Again,
Promises Made,
Never Be Left Incomplete Again,
A Lover, I May Have Been,
A Devotee I Have Now Become,
Every Breath Chants A Prayer,
Every Breath Makes My Life,
A Life That Rests In Your Hands.
The Way Two Hearts Meet,
Never To Remain The Same Again.

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My heart was broken
Many times before
But I never stoped
So it broke some more
Everytime I try to love
My heart was up high
But it always break somehow
Whenever somebody says goobye
But then that faithful day came
The day you came to my life
I knew you were the perfect one
I will marry and be my wife
Now that were together
We will never be apart
Cause you picked up the pieces
Of my broken heart
The faithful day I will never forget
Is the day that still stays true
A day is very special to me
The day I found you!

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