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Remember Me
When The Days Are Long
You Must Stay Strong
Remember Me
Remember The Times
Remember The Rhymes
Friends, They Stay Together
But, Changes Like The Weather
Remember Me
Before I Die
Remember Me
But Just Don't Cry
Remember The Time We Always Shared
Just Tell Me You've Always Cared
Remember The Times We Always Had Together
And Remember
We Will Always Be Best Friends Forever

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Distance Never Serperates Any Relation,
Time Never Build Any Relations,
If Feelings Are True From Heart,
Then Friends Are Always Friends For Ever.

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Tell Me More, My Love, How Much You Love Me,
When I Am Hungry, Chill Me With A Kiss.
Endlessly Proclaim Your Admiration,
Never Try To Hide Your Fascination,
Though At Times I May Do Aught Amiss.
You, Of Course, May Ask The Same Of Me.
That You Put Nothing In Your Life Above Me
Will Aid In Me A Similar Dedication.
Only Thus Do Lovers Spin Their Bliss.

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If All The Beauty Would Ever Last,
If Time Would Halt And Never Be Past,

If All The Ugliness Would Forever Hide,
Then On The Journey, With Thou, I Would Ride.

Time Drives The Beauty From A Face
It Sees No Meaning, Nor Any Grace.

The Beauty, The Face, Soon To Be Forgotten,
All Be Wanton, All Be Rotten.

The Beauty Of A Person Is Soon To Fade,
Like A Setting Sun, A Night Time Shade.

Eyes Eventually Lose Its Shine.
The Beauty Of It, The Sun Would Out Shine.

The Hair Will Fall And Turn To Gray.
No One Can Outrun The Upcoming Day.

Unlike A Star That Forever Twinkles,
The Beauty On The Face Is Soon To Wrinkle.

If Time Would Stop As It Sailed,
If The Unpleasantness Of The Aging Can Be Veiled,

If The Inevitable To Come Can Be Set Aside,
Then On The Journey, With Thou, I Would Ride.

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I wish I had’ve been born
A wild cyclamen
Of mauve and green
In a calm shady wood
Of trees and flowers.

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The Host Was Good Indeed
And His Better Half Was Superb
The Welcome Was Pleasant
So Was The Comfort All There I Had
The Dishes Were Delicious
And Versatile It Was
The Desert Was Splendid
Like Sweet After Sour Grapes
Wish I You Both
A Wonderful Long Life
For The Salt I Devoured
Which Was Nice Indeed!
Will Remember You Both
With All My Might
With Love At Heart
For The Kindness You Showered

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A Friend Means Someone I Miss
Someone I Care Someone I Need
Someone I Love Someone I True
Someone I Special Someone I Like

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Behold The Mother With Her Newborn Child!
An Icon Of A Hope That Never Dies.
Death May Label All We Cherish Lies,
Yet This Love Lies Too Deep To Be Defiled.
We Clear An Inner Field Where Fate Has Smiled,
Letting Play The Pleasures Of Surmise,
Holding Back All Contrary Replies,
As Though Our Thoughts Might Turn The Winters Mild.
Despite The Well-Known Travesties Of Time,
Each Time A Child Is Born We Dream Anew,
For Only Thus Our Losses Are Regained.
Though We Must Share The Destiny Of Slime,
No Passion In Our Palette Is More True
Than That Which Cradles Innocence Unstained

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