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As My Life Starts To Decay
My World Fades To Shades Of Grey
It Is One Mistake I Made
Cause At The End I Let It Fade

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I Am Laying On The Floor
Not Wanting To See The Door

Ice Cube Melting On My Chest
All There’s Left Is To Detest

The Feelings Burning Within
Leaving Water On My Skin

Alone Because I Was Wrong
To Flind Love That Wasn’t Strong

It Was To Be A New Start
And To Heal The Scars On My Heart

Wishful Thinking On My Part
As Love Left, Back To Her Start

Back To The One She Craved Most
She Disappeared Like A Ghost

A Dream So She Seem To Be
I Can’t Wak Up To See

The Emptiness At My Side
All I Want To Do Is Hide

And Forget This One Mistake
Heart Break, And Love Was Being Fakef

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The Best Of Friends,
Can Change A Frown,
Into A Smile,
When You Feel Down.
The Best Of Friends,
Will Understand,
Your Little Trials,
And Lend A Hand.
The Best Of Friends,
Will Always Share,
Your Secret Dreams,
Because They Care.
The Best Of Friends,
Worth More Than Gold,
Give All The Love,
A Heart Can Hold.

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It Takes A Second To Meet Somebuddy
It Takes A Minute To Like Somebuddy
It Takes A Day To Love Somebuddy
It Takes A Life Time To Forget Somebuddy

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Perfection in my Eyes
All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Part Of Your Heart,
And For Us To Be Together, To Never Be Apart.
No One Else In The World Can Even Compare,
You're Perfect And So Is This Love That We Share.
We Have So Much More Than I Ever Thought We Would,
I Love You More Than I Ever Thought I Could.
I Promise To Give You All I Have To Give,
I'll Do Anything For You As Long As I Live.
In Your Eyes I See Our Present, Our Future And Past,
By The Way You Look At Me I Know We Will Last.
I Hope That One Day You'll Come To Realize,
How Perfect You Are When Seen Through My Eyes.

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Solitude have I to endure,
seemingly held with disclosure.
A fellow left astray,
as yet from yesterday.
Flashing your dainty, disarming smile,
warms my heart every once in a while.
Our longtime kinship
will always bloom with friendship.
It has never been so profound,
a lifetime friend have I found.
Let our friendship be a bond,
which can never be like a dry pond.
Let us not forget the dreams we share,
forever like sisters or brothers we care.
You'll always be a friend to me,
and that's the way it should be.

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She Lift Her Red Fustian A Little
And My Eyes Like Her Thigh Never Seen
There Was A Lovely Nevi As Stars In The Sky
She Catches A Long Cigarette
And Put It Between Her Lips
Every Corner Blow Its  Fume
Maybe Extinguish My Burning Heart Fortunate
I Gazed In Her Face
Maybe I Know Her
Or Know Where I Saw Her
And I Am Lost In Her Magic Eyes
Then, I Remembered She Is Princess Of My Dreams

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Importance Of Friendz In Our Life
Is Like Importance Of Our Heart Beats!
Though They Are Not Visible,
They Silently Lend U Gift Called Life.

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