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There Is No Love Like A Mother’s Love,
No Stronger Bond On Earth
Like The Precious Bond That Comes From God,
To A Mother When She Gives Birth.
A Mother’s Love Is Forever Strong,
Never Changing For All Time
And When Her Children Need Her Most,
A Mother’s Love Will Shine.
God Bless These Special Mothers,
God Bless Them Every One
For All The Tears And Heartache,
And For The Special Work They’ve Done.
When Her Days On Earth Are Over,
A Mother’s Love Lives On
Through Many Generations,
With God’s Blessings On Each One.
Be Thankful For Our Mothers,
For They Love With A Higher Love
From The Power God Has Given,
And The Strength From Up Above.

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Around the corner I have a friend
In this great city that has no end.
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on
And before i know it, a year is gone.
And i never see my old friend's face
For life is a swift and terrible race.
He knows i like him just as well
As in the days when

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She Is So Cute, She Is So Sweet…
The Essence Of Earth, The Color Of Wheat…
Impressive Attitude, Natural Aptitude…
She Is The Only One, There Is No Substitute…
Long Black Hair With Cool Clothing Style…
When She Smiles, Heart Rocks For A While…
There Is No Conspiracy, Simplicity Is The Best Policy…
But Hey Dude Look At Her, Simplicity Is So Glossy…
What She Desires, I Just Admire…
With A Little Thought Lets Through Worries In The Fire…
Sugar Melted Voice, So Soothe So Smooth…
I Tried A Lot To Lie, But The Truth Is Always Truth…
Her Eyes Are Luminous, Like A Shining Star…
How Much Should I Praise, I Think Hadd Ho Gayi Yaar…

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As The Cresent Moon Is Sighted
And The Holy Month Of Ramadan Blessings
May Allah Bless You With Happiness
Andgrace Your Home With Warmth & Peace

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Won't you wipe my tears tonight?
Won't you help me spend this night?
If I tell you whats in my heart,
Won't you really hug me tight?
Won't you hold me if I fall?
Won't you answer if I call?
If I tell you you're my life,
Won't you really care at all?
Won't you help me pass the trials?
Won't you cover miles

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For One Second Time Stood Still For I Am Locked Onto The Gateway Of Your Soul
For One Second The Air Suspends And We Are Both Lifted Off The Ground

For One Second I Hear No Sound Yet Melodies Of Love Enchants Me In Waves
For One Second Words Have No Meaning Yet I Understand Everything

For One Second Everything Is Clear Yet My Eyes Are Closed
For One Second All I Can Dream Of Is One Image Of You

For One Second There Is Magic In The Air Yet We Are Two Ordinary People
For One Second Angels Dance All Around Us Yet We Are Not In Heaven

For One Second I Feel Free Yet Id Never Want To Leave You
For One Second I Feel Alive Yet Id Rather Die Without You

For One Second My Understanding Of My Life Is Only Through You
If I Could Be With You For Just One Second Please Let It Be This Second

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You Hesitate To Come [Here]
And Do Not Call Me, Either

You Don’t Inform Me Of The Reasons
For Terminating Relations, Either!

What Did You Say? Please Repeat,
“I Do Not Listen To You.”

If You Do Not Listen,
I Also Do Not Speak To Such People, Either!

There Is [So] Much Hidden!
(Sarcastically) That You Are Sitting Alongside The Curtain-

You Do Not Clearly Hide And
Do Not Come Forward, Either!

If The Relation Has Been Severed,
Then Why Continue Oppressions?

Those Who [Truly] No Longer Have A Reason To,
Do Not [Further] Tease, Either!

If You Are Sick Of Life,
O Daag, Then Why Do You Live?

Life Is Not Valuable To You
And You Do Not Leave It, Either!

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Someday When The Pages Of My Life End
I Know That You Will Be First Of Its
Most Beautiful Chapters And If Ever I
Get To Read It Again Ill Open It From
The Page Where I First Met You!!

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Showing English Poetry Shayari 21 - 30 of 347, Page 3 of 35 pages.