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The Month Of Ramadan
In Which The Quran Was Revealed
A Guidance For Mankind & Clear Proofs
Criterion(Between Right & Wrong)
So Whoever Of You Is Present During
This Month Should Observe Its Fast

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When You’re Lonely
I Wish You Love.

When You’re Sad
I Wish You Joy.

When You’re Discouraged
I Wish You Hope.

When Life Is Stressful
I Wish You Inner Silence.

When Your Spirit Is Empty
I Wish You Simple Beauty.

When You’re Troubled
I Wish You Peace.

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I Am The Morning’s Orphan
The Night Hug Me To The Vigil’s Refuge
Washed His Face By My Writing
And Eyelined My Eyes With His Kohl

Combed His Hair By My Pen
Laid On My Copybook As Bed
Slept On And
My Lines As Tired Weary Breasts

Ragged From The Harvest’s Years
My Heart Is Ashtray For Smoke Secrets
And My Evenings Are Expanding
While My Morn Is Dumb

My Words Are Lighting As Light
And Mirror On The Brazen Roofs
The Vagrant Wind Is Begging
Close To My Window

Suddenly My Eyes Shaken
Then, I Sat Under The Stars Shine
After That I Thought About Flying
I Made Wings From Water

And I Soared
But The Night’s Beloved
Freeze My Blurred Wings
I Loved Her Pride

And I Failed In Love With Her
Then, My Songs Altered
And I Became A Night’s Foe
I Knew That I Couldn’t Fly And
But, I Can Sung

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Wouldn't This World Be Better
If The Folks We Meet Would Say,
"I Know Something Good About You!"
And Treat Us Just That Way?

Wouldn't It Be Fine And Dandy
If Each Handclasp, Fond And True,
Carried With It This Assurance,
"I Know Something Good About You!"

Wouldn't Life Be Lots More Happy
If The Good That's In Us All
Was The Only Thing About Us
That Folks Bothered To Recall?

Wouldn't Life Be Lots More Happy
If We Praised The Good We See?
For There's Such A Lot Of Goodness
In The Worst Of You And Me!

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Practice
That Fine Way Of Thinking Too?
You Know Something Good About Me,
I Know Something Good About You!

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I Believe In Miracles
For When Each Day Is New

I See The Golden Sunrise
Catching Diamonds In The Dew.

I Hear The Sound Of Laughter
As Happy Children Play.

I Watch The Shining Rainbow
That Bridges Skies Of Gray.

All Of These Are Miracles
And Gifts From God Above.

But I Believe Because I've Seen
The Miracle Of Love!

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It Is The Talk Of Today’s World.
It Has Mesmerised The Whole Universe.
It Is The Book That Keeps Others At Bay.
The Children Are Excited About It Night And Day.
Yes You’re Right I Am Talking About The,
Harry Potter, The Mesmeriser.
It Is Writtn By J.K. Rowling,
About Whosebooks The World Is Howling.
Potter Is A Boy Who Is Brave.
He Got A Surprise On His Eleventh Birthday.
He’s Got To Kill The Evil Of Evils,
And Be Greater Than The Greatest.
He Has Fought The Dementors,
And Also The False Rumours.
The Loss Of Dumble Dore Was Very Expensive.
But He’ll Be Always Impressive

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Hope Is The Thing With Feathers
That Perches In The Soul,

And Sings The Tune Without The Words,
And Never Stops At All,

And Sweetest In The Gale Is Heard;
And Sore Must Be The Storm

That Could Abash The Little Bird
That Kept So Many Warm.

I’ve Heard It In The Chillest Land,
And On The Strangest Sea;

Yet, Never, In Extremity,
It Asked A Crumb Of Me.

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Mimi Is My Lolli-Pop Sweet Heart
Me And Mimi Will Never Set Apart

We Spend The Day On The Beach
The Sky Is Blue

The Sea Color Is Azure
As The Horizon Can Reach

Mimi Dresses In Red Bikini
Nice And Tieny Wieny

She Is A Melody Music
A Song Of Happiness

We Run Together Holding Hands
We Twirl Around

And Fall On The Golden Sand
We Get Closer And Exchange Hugs

Smooches And Kisses
So Beautiful As Dreams

And Fairy Wishes
Birds Fly Over In Flocks

So Happily Swinging
Chirping And Singing
How Beautiful Day On The Beach

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