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It Started With A Simple Touch
It Didn’t Seem At All Too Much

But Then I Found Your Hands In Mine
And Before I Knew It There Was No Time

I Felt Your Hand Stroke My Cheek
I Felt My Legs Going Weak

You Ran Your Hands Through My Hair
And You Gave Me That Loving Stare

As You Held Me In Your Grasp
I Hoped This Moment Would Never Pass

On My Neck I Felt Your Breath
Giving Me Shivers Colder Than Death

I Could Feel Your Warm Embrace,
As You Ran Your Hand Down My Face

You Touched My Lips And Felt My Hips
Your Hand Slithered Down My Neck

Leaving My Heart A Helpless Wreak
My Breathing Echoed In My Ears

I Had Neither Limits Nor Any Fears
As Your Soft Lips Touched My Own

My Mind And Heart Were Simply Blown
For Hours After I Felt Like This

Even Your Tender Gentle Kiss
It Will Take A While For My Heart To Heal

This Is The Way You Make Me Feel

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My Dreams Keep Illuminate My Spirit
Never A Flame But With In My Heart

Arching To Strike Force Into Me
Have I Told You That I Sit Silent Each Day

Waiting To Hear Your Voice Each Day
I Can Hear You Heart Beating As Fast As Mine

That I Wait Out Each Day To Hold You Close
In Anticipation Wanting A Space In Your Heart

Can’t Loose This Special Moment
I Feel Close To Your Heart

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A Child Uses Its Thumb 2 Chew
An Illiterate Uses His Thumb 2 Sign
A Winner Uses His Thumb 2 Show Victory
But A Monkey Is Using His Thumb 2 Read This Sms

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What Is Friendship
Friendship Is When People Have Things In Common

Friendship Is Trust
Friendship Is When Secrets Are Kept Untold.

Friendship Is A Bond
A Bond That If It Is Strong Enough Cannot Be Broken

It Is A Special Bond That People Share
It Is Something That You Can Share With Many People.

Most Of All, It Lasts Forever
That Is What Friendship Is..!!

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All Alone In The Pain,
I Shed No Tears Even In Rain,
I Keep A Smile Like Smiling Mask Of Clown,
In Sea Of Sadness To Hide Myself I Swim Down

I Fear No Humans,
I Fear No Dark,
I Fear No Death,
As Much I Fear Myself

I Fight Myself,
I Feel Like A Giant,
With Boon To Win,
When Challenged By All Humans Insane

I Enjoy My Victory Alone,
I Be In My Defeat Alone,
All Alone All My Life,
No One To Patter, No One To Guide

I Shared No Secrets,
I Share No Pains,
I Smile, Just Smile,
To Mask My Every Sad Frame

I Mask My Wounds,
I Frame My Bounds,
I Want Just Peace,
Want To Hear No Human Sounds

I Am No God,
I Am No Saint,
I Am “Demon Prince”,
A Prince Very Strange

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Hope Life’s Been Good To You
Since You’ve Been Gone

I’m Doin’ Fine NowI’ve Finally Moved On
It’s Not So BadI’m Not That Sad

I’m Not Surprised Just How Well I Survived
I’m Over The Worst, And I Feel So Alive

I Can’t ComplainI’m Free Again
And It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing

My Heart Only Breaks When It’s Beating
My Dreams Only Die When I’m Dreaming

So, I Hold My BreathTo Forget
Don’t Think I’m Lyin’ ‘Round Cryin’ At Night

There’s No Need To Worry, I’m Really All Right
I’ve Never Looked BackAs A Matter Of Fact

It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Mmm, No, I’ve Never Looked Back

As A Matter Fact Hurts When I’m Breathing
Breaks When It’s Beating Die When I’m Dreaming

It Only Hurts When I Breathe

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A day will come when we will be together
how long it takes doesn’t matter

We will go to a place which is beautiful and quite
enjoying food in candle light

Silent music will increase the grace
and moon light will add beauty to her face

Together we will look at stars for long
and then we will dance on her favourite song

Whole night we will spend looking at moon
having her hand in mine I’ll make it clear soon

No one can take your place in my life
can we be husband and wife?

If she agrees then it’s time for us to fly
and if she says no then its better for me to die

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I wish to be that friend of yours.
to whom you can turn whenever you are cross.
I wish to stand like a tree and bear all the pain,
to give you shade and to prevent you from rain.
I wish to be the wood and to be burnt into flame,
to give you light and to

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