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The Rosebuds Have A Pink Blush
That Open Snow White
Fluttering Petals
Like Little Peace Doves
Before Taking Flight.

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Because Of You
My World Is Now Whole,
Because Of You
Love Lives In My Soul.

Because Of You
I Have Laughter In My Eyes,
Because Of You
I Am No Longer Afraid Of Good-Byes.

You Are My Pillar
My Stone Of Strength,
With Me Through All Seasons
And Great Times Of Length.

My Love For You Is Pure
Boundless Through Space And Time,
It Grows Stronger Everyday
With The Knowledge That You’ll Always Be Mine.

At The Altar
I Will Joyously Say ‘I Do’,
For I Have It All Now
And It’s All Because Of You.

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Friendship Is Like The Breeze
You Cant Hold It
Smell It
Taste It
Or Know When Its Coming
But You Can Always Feel It
And You Will Always Know Its There
It May Come And Then Go
But You Can Know It Will Always Be Back

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When I Was Little And I Cried
You Lovingly Held Me, And Let The Last Tear Fall,
When I Would Scrape My Knee
You’d Bandage It Up And Say “Be Careful”.
When My Birthday Was Horrible, You Smiled
And Promised The Next Would Be Perfect.
When I Would Lose My Temper,
You Had A Way To Calm Me Down.
When My Friends Left Me Behind,
You Gave Me Ice Cream And Said
“They’ll Come Around”
When I Had A Nightmare
You’d Tuck Me In Your Bed And
Reassured Me You’d Never Let Harm Find Me.
When My 7th Grade Crush Liked Another,
You Made Me See It Was His Loss.
When It Was My Sweet 16
You Threw Me A Party Fit For A Princess.
And Made It A Day I Would Always Remember.
When The Love Of My Life Left Me Alone,
So Sweetly You Said, “This Too Shall Pass.”
When I Broke Your Heart With Disappointment
You Came To Me And Said, “I Still Love You”.
I Know That You Think That I Forgot All This,
And Take All You Sacrificed For Granted,
But That’s Just Not True.
At Times I’m Stubborn, As Well As You,
But Never Doubt For Half A Second That
I Love You.
Although I Am Growing Up And Someday Soon,
I’ll Have To Bandage My Own Knee,
You’ll Always Be The Bet Mother.
And I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl.

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When I Am In Bed At Night,
Between The Skies I See,

The Darkest Little Twinkling Start,
Who Come To Peep At Me!

I Now He Stays There All The Night.
As The Day Breaks,

I Cannot See Stars Anywhere,
Why Does He Go Away?

I Wonder What The Reason Is,
Perhaps It Goes To Meet Other Girls And Boys,

Staying Across The Sea.

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In My Heart, I Hold Your Love Close,
It’s Your Love That I Need The Most.

I Sit Here As I Watch The Sunri
In The Morning Dew,

I See The Tip Of It Looking Like A Flame,
As I’m Feeling This Burning Love For You.

I Sit Here Alone With All My Thoughts Of You,
Watching The Sunlight Begin To Fill The Room.

Thinking Of Our Future,
And All The Things That We Will Do,

You Holding Me In Your Arms,
Your Heart Beating Against Mine,

As We Get Lost In Time.
As I Dream Of That Distant Place,

Where You Will Always Be Mine.
In My Heart You Will Always Be,

The One, The Only One For Me!
I Don’t Look Forward Going Through The Day,

Knowing You’re Not Here With Me.
Thinking Of The Endless Hours,

And The Days Dragging By.
Why Does It Have To Be This Way?

I Have A Wish For You And Me,
And I Hope That The Good Lord Grants It,

For You See, I Wish That You Would Bring
Your Love To Me. In My Heart,

You Will Never Leave,
So I Don’t Have To Grieve,

In My Heart, You’re My Only One,
And I Want You With Me Always,

Till All Our Days Are Done.

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You Have Known Me In
Good And Bad Times ,
You Have Seen Me
When I Was Happy And When I Was Sad,
You Have Watched Me Laugh And Cry,
Thank You For Believing In Me,
For Supporting Me ,
And For Always Being There ,
Thank You For Being

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For You I Would Climb
The Highest Mountain Peak
Swim The Deepest Ocean
Your Love I Do Seek.
For You I Would Cross
The Rivers Most Wide
Walk The Hottest Desert Sand
To Have You By My Side.
For You Are The One
Who Makes Me Whole
You Have Captured My Heart
And Touched My Soul.

For You Are The One
That Stepped Out Of My Dreams
Gave Me New Hope
Showed Me What Love Means.
For You Alone
Are My Reason To Live
For The Compassion You Show
And The Care That You Give.
You Came Into My Life
And Made Me Complete
Each Time I See You
My Heart Skips A Beat.
For You Define Beauty
In Both Body And Mind
Your Soft, Gentle Face
Is The Best I Can Find.
For You Are The One
God Sent From Above
The Angel I Needed
For Whom I Do Love

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Showing English Poetry Shayari 331 - 340 of 347, Page 34 of 35 pages.