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You Are My Sunshine Friend..
You Are My Shining Star..
Everything I'm Not..
You Are..
You Make Me Laugh..
You Make My Heart Smile..
Everything You Do..
Makes Life Worthwhile..
You Give Lovingly..
You Always Have Cheer..
Everything You Are..
I Hold Dear..
You Are So Sweet..
You Are So Very Kind..
Everything I Cherish..
In You I Find..
You Are A Blessing..
You Are An Angel I See..
Everything About You Friend..
Is Gods Gift To Me.

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A Special World For You And Me
A Special Bond One Cannot See
It Wraps Us Up In Its Cocoon
And Holds Us Fiercely In Its Womb.
Its Fingers Spread Like Fine Spun Gold
Gently Nestling Us To The Fold
Like Silken Thread It Holds Us Fast
Bonds Like This Are Meant To Last.
And Though At Times A Thread May Break
A New One Forms In Its Wake
To Bind Us Closer And Keep Us Strong
In A Special World, Where We Belong.
Sheelagh Lennon

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Don’t Care So Much For Me,
I May Get Used To It.

Don’t Come So Near To Me,
I May Not Be Able To Detach From It.

Don’t Put So Much Faith In Me,
I May Not Be Able To Handle It.

Don’t Touch Me The Way U Do,
I May Not Be Able To Get Over It.

Don’t Become A Part Of My Life,
Coz Without U, I Won’t Be Able To Live It.

Don’t Make Me Fall For U,
I May Not Be Able To Fall Out Of It.

Don’t Come Into My Life,
If U Have To Leave One Day.

Don’t Give Me The Hope,
That It’s Forever U R Gonna Stay.

Coz Love Is An Emotion
I Won’t Be Able To Hide,

When Love Isn’t Reciprocated With Love,
It Hurts Deep Down Inside.

Don’t Start Something
That I Won’t Be Able To End.

Don’t Make Me Believe
That U Can Be More Than A Friend.

Coz At The End Of It All,
I Don’t Wanna Hear U Say,

That,” I’m Sorry,”
“ But I Never Felt The Same Way!”

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God Is Fumin Apocalypse On Earth
The Skies Are Falling

Promptly Darkens The Dusty Air
The Emerald Meadows Now Gray Seas

The Wild Stampede Of Mankind
Powerfully Jolts The Near By Planets

My Heart A Horse Gallops For Shelter
Longing To See Peace And Tranquility

My Arteries Hissing Cobras Weaving To Lands
They Fear Divine Penal Wrath

Their Wails A Message To The God To Forgive
I A Sinful Pine Tree Fear Death’s Hideous Face

My Trembling Branches Suddenly Harden Like Logs
My Foliage Transcends Beyond The Milky Way Whispers Goodbye

The Boiling Ocean Within Me Roars Its Vapor Is Drifting Into Space
Where Forever Peace Dwells And Silence Dances Its Tango

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Whenever I Need A Shoulder
You’re There To Catch My Tears,

You’ve Kept My Many Secrets
Throughout The Many Years.

You’ve Been There Through My Afflictions
You’ve Witnessed My Defeats,

I’ll Remember All The Good Times
And Pray The Bad Ones Don’t Repeat.

With You My Heart Is Honest
But There’s One Thing I Never Told You,

Thank You For Everything You’ve Done
There’s No One Else Like You.

No One That Could Ever Be A
True Friend Like You!

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How Dare You Be So Wonderful?
The Very Mention Of Your Name,
Sends Shivers Down My Spine,
A Thousand Times Colder,
Than The Winter Chill.
Your Smile Caresses My Soul,
Pulling The Strings Of My Heart,
Sending The Cold Away,
And Filling Me With An Amazing Glow.
I Sift Through The Photo Albums,
In My Mind,
Filling The Long Hours Of The Day,
I Spend Without You.
Recapturing The Moments,
When I Was Alive.
I Retire To My Empty Bed,
And As Blissful Sleep Carries Me Away,
I Let My Mind Dream Of Your Face.
Through The Day I Think Of You,
Through The Night I Dream Of You,
How Dare You Be So Wonderful?

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Showing English Poetry Shayari 341 - 350 of 347, Page 35 of 35 pages.