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Please Sir My Moons And Stars Yet To Be Born
In The Coming Nights That Have No Joy But Gloom

I Am An Unwed Mom And Victim Of Yours
Searching To Live Till My Hummingbird Ceases Singing

My Days Ahead Are Distant From Me
And The Hours Of Mourning Are Within Reach

Do Not Use Me Now But Spare My Life From The Evil Of Coition
Tomorrow I Might Not Live Anymore

Because I Carry The Deadly Disease From You And Your Colleagues
Oh Please Sir Do Not Punish Me Again And Anymore

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I Won't Leave You Even If You Curse Me
You Can Hide Anywhere, Love Will Follow You
Protest All You Want, It'll Take You Away
Whether You Like It Or Not, The World
Is Ruled By Love
Live For Love
We'll Take These Moments With Us Wherever We Go
The Bond We've Formed, We'll Take That With Us Too
The Heart Is Forgetful, So If Ever It Forgets
These Moments Will Never Fade
No Matter Where Time Takes Us
When We Reach The Shore
Where Will We Go?
We'll Go To Our Own Homes
From This Journey, We'll Go On Our Own Journey
I'll Disembark Wherever You Tell Me To
I Won't Leave You Even If You Curse Me
I'll Never Let Go
I Lost My Heart When Our Eyes Met
I Found The Person I Love
The Love Story Starts Now
My Lover Is With Me
What A Wonderful Feeling That Is
This Is The Moment To Proclaim It
Don't Tease Me From Afar
I'm Overwhelmed (By Your Presence)
It's Intoxicating To Be Near You
Distances (Between Us) Say
Let Me Come Closer
In Your Arms

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Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind!
Thou Art Not So Unkind
As Man’s Ingratitude
Thy Tooth Is Not So Keen
Because Thou Art Not Seen.
Although Thy Breath Be Rude.
Heigh Ho! Sing, Heigh Ho! Unto The Green Holly;
Most Friendship Is Feigning Most Loving Mere Folly.
Then, Heigh Ho, The Holly!
This Life Is Most Jolly.
Freeze, Freeze, Thou Bitter Sky,
That Dost Not Bite So Ngh
As Benefits Forgot:
Though Thou The Watters Warp,
Thy Sting Is Not So Sharp
As Friend Remembered Not.
Heigh-Ho! Sing Heigh-Ho! Unto The Green Holly:
Most Friendship Is Feigning, Most Love Mere Folly:
Then Heigh-Ho, The Holly!
This Life Is Most Jolly.

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When I Heard The Song Of The Love Music
A Song Sent From Heaven On Silver Wings.
The Whole World Was Dreaming,
Wisps Of Light Streaming,
As The Stars Spilled Their Magic Upon You And Me.
The Tune Was More Lovely
Than The Nightingale's Song,
More Delicate Than A Rose Weeping,
Yet As Powerful As The Sun Leaping
To Shed Golden Ribbons In Herald Of Dawn.
And I Bow Down Before You,
The One My Eyes Have Longed To Behold,
My Lonely Heart Pining,
Love Light Shining,
I Swear That I Shall Love And Adore You.

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Truth Of Life

We Make Them Cry Who Care For Us
We Cry For Them Who Never Care For Us
And We Care For Them Who Will Never Cry For Us
Believe Or Not But Its True In Every Ones Life

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Sometimes it's hard to see,
what's right in front of me.
Sometimes i don't appreciate,
the time and effort you make.
Sometimes i can't understand,
that he isn't the right man.
But for those “sometimes” I'm glad i have you,
to tell me when it's time to realize him and me are through.
I know that my faults have taken a toll on you,
and i want to say thankyou.
Thankyou for sticking it through,
and realizing that I'm here for you too.
We hit it off from the start,
and I can tell we will never part.
best friends from the beginning,
I'm here for any inning.
Rain or shine,
I'll be on time.
Like best friends should,
I'll be here for good.

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The Snow Are Falling From The Angels Hands
Filling The Empty Ground With White

Luscious Missletoes Are Dangling In The Air
Their Sweet Drops Stain The Joyous Night

Outside Children Are Pulling Down The Night Winds
Rejoice That Santa Will Soon Fall From High

Inside Adults Are Sipping Cider By The Luminous Tree
Chating About The Lively Streets And The Happy Shoppers

The Naked Branches Are Swaying Sadly Alone
But Hopeful To Get Their New Leaves From St Nick

The Longing Milky Way Is Glowing Dimly
Soon To Dazzle Like An Orange Sun At Twelves

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For All My New And Close Friends…
As I Think Of Our Friendship, I Begin To See
Mere Words Can't Describe What You Mean To Me.
When This Cold, Hard World Has Me Lonesome And Blue
I Look Up To See My Angel, My Sweet Angel, You.
You Dry The Tears That Fall From My Eyes.
You Bring Me Sunshine To Brighten My Sky.
You Rescue Me When I'm Scared And Alone
And Take My Hand To Lead Me Home.
No Matter The Miles That Keep Us Apart
We're Always Together In Each Other's Hearts
Sometimes We Take For Granted, I Fear,
The Ones Who Are So Close And Dear.
We Get So Caught Up In Life And Things We Must Do
Sometimes We Forget To Stop And Say I Love You.
If Ever You Felt I Forgot Or Didn't Care
Let Me Stop Right Now, My True Feelings I'll Share.
You're The Sun In My Sky, The Bed Where I Lie.
You're The Home Where I'm Safe, The Field Where I Play.
You're Everything I Am, Everything I Do.

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