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Who Is A Father
An Angle Or Human?
He Is Wise , He Is Very Nice
Who Understands His Child From Every Side
Protective And Caring
Great And Daring
He Is A Teacher, He Is A Guide
He Is Loving And Is Always Right
So We Should Pray For His Long Life
As He Is An Indispensable Part Of Our Lives

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Your Appearance
Makes Me Disappear

Your Sound Makes Me

When You Speak
I Am Speechless

When You Are Light
I Am Darkness

You Are Every Where
I Am No Where

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Those B’Ful Unknown Eyes,
To Which I Was A Stranger,

I Found Some Sadness Today,
On Her Face,
But M Unknown To Her,

She Is Far Away From Me,
Never Ever To Come Near,
But Still Her Eyes Are Looking To Me,
But I M Still Unknown To Her,

There Was A Sound Of Her Breath
Deep In My Heart,
But I Still Unknown To Her,

Love Can Leave A Mark,
But That’s No Cause To Stand Apart;

It Was Just Love At First Sight,
I Looked Deep Into Those Unknown Eyes,
I Saw ‘Ocean Of Love’ In
Those Unknown Eyes

Now M Not Unknown To Her
She Is Mine
N Mine Was Her,
Never Ever To Swindle Again,

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I Love Myself The Way I Am, There’s Nothing I Need To Change.
I’ll Always Be The Perfect Me, There’s Nothing To Rearrange.
I’m Beautiful And Capable, Of Being The Best Me I Can.
And I Love Myself, Just The Way I Am.
I Love You The Way You Are, There’s Nothing You Need To Do.
When I Feel The Love Inside, It’s Easy To Love You.
Behind Your Fears, Your Rage And Tears, I See Your Shining Star.
And I Love You, Just The Way Your Are.
I Love The World The Way It Is, Cause I Can Clearly See.
That All The Things I Judge Are Done, By People Just Like Me.
So ‘Til The Birth Of Peace On Earth, That Only Love Can Bring.
I’ll Help It Grow, By Loving Everything.
I Love Myself The Way I Am, And I Still Want To Grow.
But Change Outside Can Only Come, When Deep Inside I Know.
I’m Beautiful And Capable, Of Being The Best Me I Can.
And I Love Myself, Just The Way I Am

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A Day Without You Is Like A Day Without Hope
No Light Inside
Just Darkness And So
A Day Without Knowing
You're Somewhere Around
Is So Empty And Lost
Waiting To Be Found
A Day Without You
Is Full Of Desire
A Burning Feeling
And A Heart On Fire
A Day Without
Makes Me Love You Even More
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
‘I Miss You' Everyday
Baby, I Want To Kiss You At Nightfall Once Again.
I Want To Kiss Your Lips Tonight Again
And Taste The Glory Of Your Breath Again.

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All Rivers Flow To The Sea
The Sea
Never Fills Up.
Also The Woman.
And The Sun.
Racing Back To The
Place Out Of Breath.
You Should Remember The Flight
The Poet Writes The Bird Is Mortal.
And The Woman Turns.
Turns Around Herself.
Around The River The Sea
And The The Man.
In Between

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When I am glad,
you are in my smile,
When I am sad,
you are in my tears,
when I am walking,
you are in my step,
When I am sleeping,
you are in my dreams,
I think these are special feelings,
If I were an artist,
I would paint my feelings,
If I were a poetess,
I would quote my feelings,
But I am an ordinary girl,
So I just say,
I Love You.

- Shikha
This is only for my Love. Jise Hum Apni Jaan Se Bhi Jyada Pyar Karte Hain, Jinse, Meri Har Sanse Judi Huyi Hai.

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A Green Leaf Turned Yellow
And Looked At The Greens Around
A Tall Wind Shook The Bough
And It Fell To The Ground

It Looked Above And Wondered
Why Was He Jerked Out
Then He Saw A Small Green Glean
In His Previous Favourite Spot

Now The Reality Hit Him Hard
That He Was Born To Die
If He Hadnt Turned Yellow
How Will The New Leaf Come By

He Knew He Had To Turn Yellow
Then Fall And Then Dry
Dry And Then Ground To Dust
So That His Children Could
Take His Perch And Survive

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Showing English Poetry Shayari 51 - 60 of 347, Page 6 of 35 pages.