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Love And Friendship

Great Aspects Of Life
Love Is A Healer 4 All Sorrows And Pains

Friend Isa Gift When Life Is In Vain
Love  Never Gives Tears

Friends Wipe Away All The  Fears
Love Happens With No Reason

Friends Are With Us In All Season
Higher Than Love There Z No Relation

Friends Definitely Have Some Destination
Love Is Present In All And One

Friends Give Us Joys In Multi Tonnes
Love Leads The Way And Is Guiding Star

Friends  Like U As What U Are
Love Is Done Without Conditions

Friends Have Some Boundations
Love Can Make U Pure And Strong

Friends Tell Us What Is Right And Wrong
Love Is Divine

Friends Take The Life To Cloud Nine
Love  Makes U Rich At Heart

Friends Are Alwayz Ready 4 A New Start
Love Makes  Life Worthwhile

Friends  Always Make U Smile
Love  Begins With Friendship And Has No End

Friendship Begins With Companionship
And Love Is Its End

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My Friend When I Think Of You.
I Think Of All That We've Been Through.
All The Times We Argue And Fight,
I Know Deep Inside That It Isn't Right.
I, Then Feel Bad And Alot Of Pain.
It Feels Like I've Fallen From The Sky Like The Rain.
I Love You Dear Friend With All Of My Heart.
But Now That You're Gone I've Fallen Apart.
I'm Getting Better As The Days Go By.
I Wish Sometimes This Was All A Big Lie.
I Pray To You Every Night.
It's Like You're My Fire, A Burning Light.
My Dear Friend, I Miss You Alot.
I Still Wonder Why You Were Put In That Spot.
I Know You're In A Place Much Better Than Here.
Watching And Helping Me With All Of My Fear.
Our Friendship My Dear Friend,
We Will Have To The End.
Friends Til The End Is What We Will Be.
Someday We'll Be Together,
Together You And Me…

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I Just Breathe The Name Of The Almighty
When My Heart Is Filled With Fear.

And Though I Cannot See His Face,
I Know That He Is Near.

When I Whisper “The Almighty” Softly
I’m Admitting I’m In Need.

By Calling Out That Precious Name,
My Stress-Bound Soul Is Freed.

It’s A One-Word Prayer I Utter
When I’m Not Sure What To Pray.

It’s A Prayer Of Sweet Surrender
When I’m Weary Of “My Way.”

I Pray “The Almighty” When I’m Worried
Or When I Am Depressed.

I Say “The Almighty” When My Mind’s Confused
Or When My Life’s A Mess.

It’s A Prayer He Always Answers
As He Gives Me Eyes To See

Evidences Of His Presence
And His Tender Love For Me

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Come With Me To The Moon
I Will Not Be Afraid From Dark

Come With Me To The Sun
I Will Not Be Afraid From Burn

Come With Me To The Stars
I Will Not Be Afraid From Shine

Come With Me To The   Mars
I Will Not Be Afraid From Freeze

But Don’t Go A Way And
Travel Far Miles From Me

When I Will Be Afraid From Loneliness

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Life Is Like A Piano,
White Keys Are Happy Moments,
And Black Keys Are Sad Moments.
But Remember Both Keys Are Played,
Together To Give Sweet Music,
So Enjoy Every Moments.

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As We Walk Our Path Of Life,
We Meet People Everyday.
Most Are Simply Met By Chance.
But, Some Are Sent Our Way.
These Become Special Friends
Whose Bond We Can't Explain;
The Ones Who Understand Us
And Share Our Joy And Pain.
Their Love Contains No Boundaries.
So, Even We Are Apart.
Their Presence Enhances Us
With A Warmth Felt In The Heart.
This Love Becomes A Passageway,
When Even The Miles Disappear.
And So, These Friends, God Sends Our Way,
Remain Forever Near.

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Your words vibrate through my soul
Awakenings and racing thoughts on the go
My heart has been hit
You need to know
My friends flash warnings
Love and concern casts their doubts
How could I know
They steer me away
In the shadows I stay
Not letting go
My mind has lost control
I just don't know
Ulterior motives
Player on the move
All possibilities
What do I have to lose
I voice my fears
Heart already shakes and quivers
You listen and feel
“Patience” you reveal
I'm scared
I'm excited
I'm anxious
I'm delighted
Emotions unlocked
I let you in
Feelings enhanced
There's no return
Your words sing to me
Time soars by
I'm entranced by you
Pure laughter and joy
I feel a great loss
When we're unable to talk
I can never get enough
You've become a part of me

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I Am Not Upset With You, Life..
I Am Astonished.
I Am Distressed By Your Innocent Questions.
I Did Not Think That In Order To Live,
I Would Have To Take Care Of Woes..
To Smile,
I Would Have To Take On The Debt Of Smiling.
If I Were To Smile,
It Seems That I Would Have
To Incure This Debt Upon My Lips.
If My Eyes Fill With Tears,
Then They Will Fall..
Who Knows Whom
These Eyes Will Long For Tomorrow..
Who Knows Where I Lost..
The One Tear I Had Kept Hidden..
Your Sorrows Have Taught Us New Bonds.

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