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My Confession Is Life Is Not Worth Living
I Wish Everything Would All Just Disappear

I Wanna Cry And Cut My Wrist
But Like Otep Sayssuffering Will Free You

Now I Know Im Not Alone
Im Braking All By My Self Ive Got A Knife

Im Cutting Now Ive Got A Knife
But Youll Turn It Aganist Me

Im Nothing I Hold My Breath Now
Im Seeping Under Ill Say Good Bye

But I Will Always Love You My Sanity

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That was a noiseless, sorrowful night,
Filled with fear & feeling of fright.
Heart was isolated & I was alone,
With no one there ho was known.
To accompany me in this lonely night,
Just silent darkness & nothing bright.
No one was there with me to ask,
Or to remove my cheerful mask.
Tired of drowning in my own tears,
fighting against my

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A state of limbo
The calm before the storm
Eyes dry still
Expecting the worst
The forever leaping heart
The battle of wills
No looking back…..
Nostalgia- what’s that?
Just boredom that kills
The endless waiting
The relief of a goodbye

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I Waited, Waited And Waited
The Night Is About To End But My Wait Wudn’t
My Body Is Going To Sleep But My Eyes Wudn’t
I Assume You Will Come Tomorrow
But What Happens If Tomorrow Never Comes…!

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You're The One 4 Me
You're The Clear One That I See
My Love To U Is Greater Than Life
And Sharper Than A Knife
There Is Nothing More I Can Do
More That To Love You
You Entered My Heart & I Locked U
The Day U Entered My Heart
Is The Day My Life Chose To Start
This Love Is More Than True
It's Always Meant To Be With U
If U Changed Your Life To Another Way & Deep In My Heart You'll Never Ever Get Away
You're The One Always In My Mind You're The 1 Hard To Find
You're The 1 That's Rare
You're The 1 That Seems To Me Always Fair

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She Is Da Apple Of My Eye, Da Reason That I Live.
She Is All That I Could Wish For, My Heart To Her I Give.
It Is 4 That Someone Special, These Words That I Do Pen,
To Thank Her For Always Being, My Wife & My Best Friend.
She Has Da Will To Live Until, The Last Breath She Does Take,
There Is Da Love Within Her Heart, Such Good Memories To Make
She Is The Sunshine In My Morning, Da Star That's In My Sky
& If I Should Ever Lose Her, Then I Would Surely Die
She Stands Always At My Side, No Matter What Comes Our Way.
She Carries Many Burdens & Her Heart Is Sometimes Broken
By All Da Thanks She Never Gets & All Da Words Unspoken
How Can I Ever Thank Her, For All She Has Done 4 Me?
I Can Only Give Her All My Heart & Love Her To Eternity.
I Hope That When Da End Comes & She Meets God Face To Face,
He Will Tell Her That In Heaven, She Has A Special Place

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I Want To Say I Love You On Your Birthday,
Though Love Is Something You Don’t Want From Me.
Things Didn’t Go So Well When I Last Said It,
And So I’ll Keep It Silent In My Heart.
But How The Words Reverberate Within Me!
A Song That I Must Struggle Not To Sing,
A Music I Must Dance To Without Motion,
A Poem That I Must Never Read Aloud.
Your Wishes Are A Wall I Would Not Scale,
Yet Won’t Abandon, Loathe To Leave Behind.
I Cannot Have, And Cannot Bear To Lose You,
And So I Send You This In My Despair.

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You Smiled With The Grace Of A Teardrop
Which Fell Down Your Cheek When You Cried

Both Equally Frightening And Beautiful
And I Watched You

You Kissed With The Force Of A Punch In The Face
Which You Received Every Night From Your Father

Each The Only Affection You’d Ever Known
And I Watched You

You Sat Down With The Tranquility Of A Thunderstorm
Which Interrupted Your Dreams Of A Future

Both Actions Just As Comforting
And I Watched You

You Drew A Line In Your Flesh
With A Knife As Sharp As The Words

Which Made The Scars On Your Soul
Both The Same Terror And Hurt

And I Watched You
You Cried Out With The Intensity Of A Breath

So Immediate And Reflexive
Both Holding The Same Note On Your Lips

And I Watched You
You Fell To The Ground

With The Weight Of Laughter
Dead And On Deaf Ears

Each Scaring And Astounding Me
And I Watched You

You Stared Up With The Blankness Of A Mosaic
Seemingly Whole But Still Shattered

Each A Tiny Shard Of Glass In The Mirror Of Life
And I Watched You

You Touched Me With The Gentleness Of A Viper
Your Grip Smooth And Fatal

The Marks Left On My Skin Only
Fractions Of The Poison Left In Me

And I Watched You
You Released With The Leisure Of A Blink

So Long And Yet So Quickly Gone
Both Believing Never To Be Remembered By Those

Who Have Experienced Your Presence
And I Followed You

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