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jawahrlal nehru said
M.Gandhi said
ab batao bapu ki sune ya chachu ki?

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A simple poem

Wn i was there, she was here

Now Wn im here, she z there,

Wn both were there some1 was here, but Wn we r here no 1 z there.

And in this here and there,she got marry somewhere

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if, 1=5




5= ??

before scrollin think.

Answer is 1.

Remember the First Line..


Moral - Don't Complicate Simple Problems in Life!

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Let's do some mathemetics for study & its result.
Eq.1: Study=Don't Fail
Eq.2: Don't Study=Fail
Add Eq.1 in Eq.2,we will get,
Study+Don't Study=Fail+Don't Fail
=>Study(1+Dont)= Fail(1+Dont)
so dont study Hence Prooved.

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Once a boy went to xerox Rajnikant’s photograph. The xerox machined got copied twice

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My cell had accident with MOTOROLA,
Admit in LG hospital,
SAMSUNG nagar.
Dr.Nokia says matter is serious.
SMS Needed.
so plz Donate some SMS urgently.

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Sweetest Kiss is on forehead,Laveliest Kiss is on cheeks,Romantic Kiss is on Lips,And Hottest kiss is on..Guess..On Bikes Silencer!

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tommy is a dog..n u r a flower..

waah waah

tumi is a dog n u r a flower...

waah waah

tommy lifts his leg n gives u a shower...!!

ab bolo waah waah!!

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Showing Funny sms Message 211 - 220 of 2240 messages, Page 22 of 224 pages.