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Most of the things we desire are EXPENSIVE. But the truth is: The things That really satisfy us Are FREE: Love, joy, laughter & Good relations.

good evening!!!!!!

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"Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect..

It just means

we have decided to see everything beyond the imperfections".

Good evening...:-)

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if u manage to smile at any situation u r d winner of haghest number of hearts in this world. So smile forever .....keep smiling good evening

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5 baate Parents ki jo ap jaiso ko pasnd nahi
1-Itna late kyu?
2-Itne paise kisliye?
3-kiska call tha?
4-kahan ja raheho?
5-Dekho"Shama" se kuch sikho. Gud eve!

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A sincere devotee asked Buddha."I want PEACE," Buddha smiled & said: remove 'I'that's EGO Remove 'want' that's desire & than PEACW comes automatically..Good Evening

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khamosh chehre pr hazaro pehre hote h,hasti aankho me bhi jakhm ghre hote h,jinse aksar ruth jate h hum,asal me unse hi riste ghre hote hai.Gud evening

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Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love and neglect the ones who love us bcoz We r sure we'll never loss them ....strange bt very true...

Good evening

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Koi DAULAT Pe Naaz Karta Hai
Koi Shoharat Pe Naaz Karta Hai
Jisko milte hai humare msgs
Woh Apni KISMAT Pe Naaz Karta Hai....gud evenin :-)

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