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Tireness draws across the mind making the body fade

flexibility and soon windows of soul begin 2 close N

enter the dreamland!! Sweet Dreams!

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Palko mein kaid kuch sapne hai,kuch begane kuch apne hai,na jane kya kashish hai in khayalon mein ,kuch log humse door hokar bhi kitne apne hai...Gud n8t sdz !

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"Speaking without bluffness,
Loving without intentions,
Caring without expectations, Praying without selfishness is d sign of True Relations"Gud n8t , Swtdrmz !

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Friendship is not a show by calling or sending msg.. It's understanding of two minds and keep remembering in hearts.g.n

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Sochte hai ek gulab bhej de,
chahte hai mehtab bhej de,
ja rahe ho sone to Dil karta hai...
aapki palko pe ek Pyara sa khwab bhej de.
Good Night

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If sleep?

DReam Of Me!

If Sad?

mEEt Me!

IF Bored?

CaLL Me!

If Happy?

SmILe 4 Me!

If Hungry?

Cook IndoMe

"Good Night"

Don't Forget Me...

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Adjust urself in every situation,in any shape,at any time and always find out UR OWN WAY.This is the reality of life. Gud n8t , Swtdrmz !

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ek aadmi ki 6 ungliaaan thi.
Sab log usey Akbar bulate the, kyo socho!
thoda aur
nahi pata kya?
aree Akbar uska naam tha.
Hv a swt drm.

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Showing Good night sms Message 141 - 150 of 1507 messages, Page 15 of 151 pages.