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ISLAM is the University ,
WORLD is the Classroom,
QURRAN & HADEES is the Sylabus ,
MUHAMMAD (SAW) is the Teacher ,
MUSLIMS r Class fellows ,
ALLAH is the Examiner ,
HELL OR PRADISE is the Target ,
Try 2 pass the final Exam , ALL The Best For Upcoming exams n exams hereafter INSHALLAH

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we plan a lot about how 2 celebrate the birthdays of our beloved people.
want gifts to buy 4 them n surprise them,
Do'nt we....
this time plan 2 send a gift to ALLAH 's prophat MUHAMMAD{PBUH}ON His coming birthday, send him a gift of darood sahreef,

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4 Hastian Duniya Mein Sub Se Ziada Roi Hain,

1= Hazrat Aadam (A.S)

Jannat Se Nikalny Pr.

2=Hazrat Yaqub (A.S)

Apne Betay Hazrat

Yousuf (A.S)

Ki Judai Mein.

3=Hazrat Yahyah (A.S)

Khauf E KHUDA Mein.

4=Hazart Mohammad (S.A.W.W)

Apni Um'mat Ki Fikar Mein.

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Jise Bhi Roza e Abbas ka Deedar HoJaye
HAqeeqat me Usi Ko Khuld Ka Deedar Hojaye
Me Samjhoonga Mujy Har Marz Se Doori Mayassar Hai
Mera Dil Ishq E Ghazi Me Agar Beemar Hojaye

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BA-WAZU Rahiye

Mafhoom-e-Hadis Hy

"Jannat Mein Momin Ka

Zewar Wahan Tak Hoga

Jahan Tak Wazu Ka Paani

Pohanchta Hy "


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"Dunya me kbhi kisi

achy insaan ko talaash

mat kro

Bal k

Khud achy ban jao,

Ho skta hy k

Tmhary is amal sy

kisi aur ki talaash

khatam ho jaye ..."

Hazrat Ali R.A

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Hadees Pak :

Jo Shaks Jumma K Din 100 Martaba

"Subhanallah-el-Azeem" Parhe Ga

Us k 1 Lakh Gunah Maaf Ker Diye Jayenge

Aur Us K Waldain K 27000 Gunah Maaf Ho Jaynge ...

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Mout Aur Zindagi.!

Wo (Allah) Hi To Hy Jo Raat Ko Tmhari Rooh Kabz Krta Hy Aur Jo Kuch Tum Din Me Krty Rhty Ho,

Wo Iss Ko B Janta Hy,

Phr Dosry Roz (Subah) Tmhy Iss Se Jaga Deta Hy Taa K Zindagi Ki Muqarrah Muddat Pori Ho.

Akhir Kaar Isi Ki Traf Tum Ko Wapis Jana Hy,

Phr Wo Tmhy Bata Dy Ga K Tum Kya Krty Rhy Ho.!

{Surah Al-Inam}

[Ayat 60]

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Showing Islamic sms Message 121 - 130 of 1539 messages, Page 13 of 154 pages.