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Ek Sahabi,

Allah Se Dua

Kr Rha Tha,

Ay Allah !

Muje Sabr Ata Kr.

Aap(S.A.W.W) Ne Frmaya,

"Allah Se Sabr Mat Mang

Q K Sabr Musibt Pr Kia Jata Ha,

Pehly Musibt Ayegi,

Phr Sabr..

Tu Allah Se Shukar Ada Krny Ki Tufeeq Mang,

Q K Shukr Nemat

Pr Ada Kia Jata He,

Pehly Nemat Mlegi,

Phr Shukr Ada Hoga..


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Cheenk Kay Waqt Sar Jhuka'ain, Moo Chupa'ain Aur Awaz Ahista Nikalain, Cheenk Ki Awaz Buland Kerna Hamakat Hai.


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Who is then more unjust than who forges a lie against Allah or (who) gives the lie to His communications? Surely the guilty shall not be successful.(10:17)

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Jo yakeen ki raah par chal pare,

Unhen manzilon ne panaah di..

Jinhen vaswason ne dara diya,

Wo qadam qadam par behak gae"

Trust On ALLAH

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Hadees-E-Nabwi (S.A.W) Hai,
"Apni Duaon Ke Qabool Hone Ka Yaqeen Rakhte Hue Dua Karo,
Allah Aisi Dua Qabool Nahi Karta Jo Ghafil Aur Be Parwa DiL Se Nikli Ho."

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Send Him(PBH) The Gift Of Darood As Allah Taught
Allah Will Bless Us, Our Worries We Will Forgot

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Tanhai Mein Gunaah Say Bacho,

K Is K Gawaah Allah Talah Khud Hain . . . /

Hazrat Ali (R.A)

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is wastay ali ko utara hy apney ghar
koi ali k samnay uff tak na kar sakey
aab tak nishan baqi rakha hy isiliye
devar shak rahey k koi shak na karsakey
Ali k wasf hyn itnay shumar kon karey
yeh kaam tairey hain parwardigar kon karey
yeh sooch kar na banaya khudaa nay or Ali
Shigaaf kaabey me aab bar bar kon karey

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Showing Islamic sms Message 131 - 140 of 1539 messages, Page 14 of 154 pages.