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Ko Gusl Kare
To Tmaam Saal
Bemaryon Se
Aman Mein Rahe
Ga Q-K Es Din
Aabe Zam Zam
Tmaam Paniyon
Mein Pohnchta

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Bheja nahi tha SHAIR ko jung ke khayal se,
Lag jaati warna aag neher mein jalaal se,
Kat kat ke gire zulm ke parcham zamin par,
Tera alam jawan hain 1400 saal se.

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"Ko Apne Rizq Main Kushadgi Aur

Umar Main Izafa Pasand Kerta Hai

Isay Chahiye K Wo Apne Rishtedaaro'n

Se Ta'aluq Jorey Rakhey"

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Be Amal Dil Ho To Jazbat Se Kia Hota Hai
Zameen Banjar Ho To Barsat se Kia Hota Hai
Na Ho Jis Dil Me Ali e Murtaza Ka Ishq
Ayy Musalman In Ibadat Se Kia Hota Hai ?

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Kabbah Ali(a.s) k faiz se gulzaar ban gaya.
but khanay se jo badla bawaqar ban gay...
Kabba Ali(a.s) ka shukir manay k wastay...
kala libass pahn k azadar hogaya...

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As the Fajar azan begins

And the 1st holy fast begins

May Allah bless you with happiness

and grace your home with warmth & peace.

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What is raining? Blood.
Who? The eyes.
How? Day and night.
Why? From grief.
Grief for whom?
Grief for the king of Karbala'

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Jb tum Ksi bande ko

dkho k usey dunya

se be-raghbati aur kam

bolne ki nemat ataa ki

gai hy tou uski


ikhtiyar kro "


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Showing Islamic sms Message 171 - 180 of 1539 messages, Page 18 of 154 pages.