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Hadith FRom Fazail-e-amaal(Maulana Zakriya)
Allah Paak Shirk K gunah Ko to mauf Nai Frmain gay!
Lekin is k elava jis Gunah KO chahain Mauf frma Dain*

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H:Hasraton ki akhri manzil
U:Ummidon ki panah gah
S:Sajda-e-Ishq ki intaha
S:Sabar ki intaha
A:Akhirat main bakhshish ka wahid rasta
I:Insaniat ki Darsgah

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Jo BOTURAB K Qadmo'n Ki Khaak Ho Jata
Qasam Khuda Ki Wo Hii Shaks Pak Ho Jata
Ye Baat Kis Ne Kahi Pochiye MOarikh Se ?
Ali Na Hote Tou Main Bhi Halaak Ho Jata

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1 Day we all will depart on a journey free of cost
Donít worry about seat reservation,its confirmed
& Flight is always on time
Our good deeds will be our luggage
Islam will be our passport
Kalma will be our Visa
Grave will be our waiting lounge,
May you travel 2 heaven in 1st Class.
Remember me in your prayer.

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Baitul Khala
Jino Aur Shetano Ki Rehne Ki Jaga He
Tm Me Se Koi Bait Ul Khala Jae To Ye Dua Parhe

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May Allah have mercy on a man who is kind when he buys, when he sells, and when he makes a demand.

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Sawal hua NAMAZ Kitni

Zaruri Hy


"Agr tum pani me duub

rahy ho or tumhe'n pata

ho k WAQT-e-NAMAZ hy

tou tum niyat ker lo

tmhari NAMAZ ho jayegi"

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Irshad-e-Nabwi (S.A.W)


"Jesa Amal Karo ge

Wesi Hi Aadat Pare Gi

Jesi Aadat Hogi, Wesi

Seerat Hogi Aur Jesi

Seerat Hogi, Wesi

Qismat Pao Gy"

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Showing Islamic sms Message 231 - 240 of 1539 messages, Page 24 of 154 pages.