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Our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) Was Born On,
22-April-571 AD At 04:45 AM
Total Number Of Days Of His Life:
22,330 Days (63 Years, 4 Days)
Number Of Days Of His Prophet Hood:
8156 Days (23 Years)

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Hadees Pak

"Jo Allah S.w.t Ki Raza K Liye

Ajar-o-Sawab Ki Umeed Par

Sadqa Deta Hy Tou Ye Sadqa

Is K Liye Jahanum Se Hijaab

Ho Jata Hy"


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FAJAR Ki Namaz

Martey Waqt Kaam

Aaye Gi

ZOHAR ki Namaz

Qabar Mein Kaam

Aaye Gi

ASAR Ki Namaz

Munkir Nakeer k

Sawalat Mein Kaam

Aaye Gi


Hisab Kitab (Aakhrat)

Mein Kaam Aaye Gi

ESHA Ki Namaz

Pul-Siraat Paar Krny

Mein Kaam Aaye Gi

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In A Research Japnese Scientists Found That

Charactersticks Of Aab-e-Zam Zam Are Very Special


Different From Common Water . Even In Labortory

These Mineral Qualities Cant B Created


By Putting Just A Drop Of Aab-e-Zam Zam

The Normal Water Attain The Characterstics

Of Aab-e-Zam Zam

They Further Added That By Reciting "Bismillah"

The Characterstics Of Water Changed

n It Becomes Good For Health


Proud To be A Muslim ... =)

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Yeh Ek SajdA jisaY tu GirAAn SamAjhtA hAi
HazaR sajdOn Se detA hAi AdmI ko NijAAt

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99 Names of Allah
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “Allah has 99 Names, whoever shall remember them, Allah will allow him to enter his PARADISE” (BUKHARI, MUSLIM)

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" Kamyaab Darasal Wo

Hy Jo Aatis-e-Dozakh

Sy Bach Jaye Aur Jannat

Main Dakhil Kr Dia Jaye

Rahi Ye Dunya, Tou Ye

Sirf Dhoka Hy "

(Surah Al-Imran185)

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Surah Ahad's Translation:
"Say: He, Allah, the One. Allah, the Eternally besought of all. He begets not nor was begotten. And there is non comparable unto Him."

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Showing Islamic sms Message 291 - 300 of 1539 messages, Page 30 of 154 pages.