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Tomorrow Is Very Important In Our Life.

Tomorrow Is Only For That Person.

Who Sacrifice Her Life,

Her Happiness And All Her Time Only For Us.

DO U Know Whats Tomorrow.

Tomorrow Is Mother Day.

You Must Be Wished Ur Mother.

You Must Say To Her I Love U Mother,

Mom I M Incomplete Without U.

I M Thankful To U For My Good Up Bring.

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There is no velvet so

soft as a mother's lap

no rose as lovely as her smile,

no path so flowery as that

imprinted with her footsteps.

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She Who Behind Ur Every Success...
Always Prays 4 u...
Awaken At Nites...
She Is Ur Mother...
Pay Salute To Ur Mother!
May She Live Long...

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You Filled My Dayz With Rainbow Lights
Fairy Tales And Sweet Dream Nights
A Kiss To Wipe Away My Tears
Gingerbread To Ease My Fears
You Gave The Gift Of Life To me
And Then In Love You Set Me Free
I Thank You For Your Tender Care
For Deep Warm Hugs And Being There
I Hope When You Think Of Me
A Part Of You
You'll Alwayz See

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A man loves

his sweetheart the most,

his wife the best,

but his mother the longest.

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Mother is an undying love,

A love beyond compare,

the one you take your troubles to,

she is the one who really cares.

Mother you are all of this and more,

I love you very much.

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When u feel no 1 can understand u....When ur love is rejected by others....& When u hate ur life.... Just close ur eyes & see her face who loves u more than anyone else.....who cares for u in loneliness & dies for u when u cry.......she is no one but ur sweet loving MOM.....Love her more than anyone else in this world....Bcoz only she was, is and will be there for u all the time.... Pass this message to every one u know, if u love ur MOM.
Happy Mothers Day!

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The full form of"MUMMY"
U-U Live
Forward this msg to spread this Dua 4 ur mom 2
make her Live Long
May Allah Bless Our Mothers..../

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