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Smile in Pleasure

Smile in Pain

Smile when trouble pours like Rain

Smile when sum1 Hurts U

Smile becoz SOMEONE still

Loves to see u Smiling!!

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Mujhe Har Kaam Se Pehle
Sehar Se Shaam Se Pehle
Yahi Aik Kaam Karna Hai
Tumara Naam Lena Hai,
Tumhe Ko Yaad Karna Hai
Ke Jab Bhe Dard Pena Hai
Ke Jab Bhe Zakham Sehna Hai
Gham -e-Duniya Se ghabra Kar
Mujhe Jab Jaam Lena Hai
Tumara Naam Lena Hai
Tum He Ko Yaad Karna Hai
Tumari Yaad Hai Dil Mein,
Aik Sayaad Hai Dil Mein
Khoi Barbad Hai Dil Mein,
issay Abad Karna Hai
Tumara Naam Lena Hai
Tumai Ko Yaad Karna Hai....
SaaMer +92 300 2711 588
~Tm ~

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D smallest word is I,

the sweetest word is LOVE

and the dearest person

in the world is U.

tats y I Love You..:)

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Don"t go for looks,

they can deceive

Don"t go for wealth

even that fades away.

Go for sum1 who makes u

smile becoz only a smile makes

a dark day seem bright..

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ye jo zindagy ki kitaab hai,
ye kitaab bhi kia kitaab hai,
kaheen ik haseen sa khoaab hai,
kaheen jaan lewa azab hai,
kaheen aansuon ki hai daastaan,
kaheen muskurahaton ka bayan hai,
kai chehre is mein chupe hoe,
ik ajeeb sa ye naqab hai,
kaheen kho dya , kaheen paa lia,
kaheen ro lia , kaheen gaa lia,
kaheen cheen lety hai har khushi,
kaheen meharbaan behisaab hai,
kaheen dhoop hai , kaheen or hi koi roop hai,
kaheen barkaton ki hain barishein,
kaheen tishnagy behisaab hai,
SaaMer +92 300 2711 588
+92 333 9968 674
~Tm ~

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lets just look each other and stay silent..
silence will storm a few of our passions, our dreams, some cute things and a few sweet lies.. above all, it will talk about ur presence, and mine...

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I ask God for a rose n he gave me flowers;

I ask God for water n he gave me an ocean;

I ask God for an angel n he gave me the best luv ever!

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Relationship doesn"t get closer by meetings,

but it is sweetend by THOUGHTS.

I care for you in my own STRANGE ways.

Maybe you will never know,

Maybe I will never show..

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Showing Romantic sms Message 81 - 90 of 157 messages, Page 9 of 16 pages.