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Muhabbat Ik Jazba Hai...
Muhabbat Ik Janoon Hai...
Muhabbat Mein Insan Ho Jata Bohut Majboor Hai...
Muhabbat Ik Bar Zindagi Mein Hoti Zaroor Hai...
Muhabbat Ki Raahen Bohut Dushwar Guzar Hain...
Is Rah Pe Qadam Rakhna Sambhal K...
Ye Safar E Lahasil Hai...
Yahan Insan Ik Baar Bikherta Zaroor Hai...
Muhabbat Ik Jazba Hai...
Muhabbat Ik Junoon Hai...
Ik Bar Ye Zindagi Mein Hoti Zaroor Hai..........

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True Lines...

In Every Girl's Life here Is A Boy She Will Never Ever Forget....


In Every Boy's Life There Is Girl He Can Never Ever Get..... :(

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You don't knw how much it hurts me

When you said we are

better to be as a frnds.

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Ppl Say

"Let d Time Pass

Evrythng vl b Fine

Time is d Best Healer"


The Reality Is

"Time Nev Heals d Wound

Its Just U Get Addicted To

Pain & U Become Immune " =

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In A Boys Life...

-You Meet A Girl.

-She's Exactly What You Wanted.

-You Make Her Your World.

-She Breaks Your Heart In Half.

...-She Acts Like She Wants You Back.

-She Makes You Think You Are Worthless.

-You Try So Hard To Get Her Back.

-But, No Matter What, She Will Be Apart Of Your Heart. Forever.


In A Girls Life...

-You Find An Easy Target.

-You Say Everything He Wants To Hear.

-You Have His Wrapped Around Your Finger.

-Then You Change Your Mind.

-You Send HIM Mixed Signals.

-You Make HIM Feel Not Good Enough.

-You Ignore HIM.

-&& Then You Sit Back And Watch Her Fall Apart Until You Find Your Next Victim.

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If You Feel That

The Person You Love

Doesn't Love You . . .

You're Prolly Right


If They Do , There Is No Way

They'll Let You Think That

Way . . .

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The Saddest Moment

Of Life ...

When You Can Feel You


Your Best Friend Slowly

Drifting Apart ... !!! ='(

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Many Books Are Available For

"How To Love Someone!"






A Single Book Is Not Available For

"How To Forget The Love able One!"

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