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Tamil SMS

LKG Boy: Dai Machan Examukku bit eduthudu poniye ennachu?

Boy 2; Ady poda bita jattila vachu eduthudu ponen. Atha maranthudu jattila ucha poitten.

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Josiar: unga thosam nivarthi aganumna 36 vayasu ponna kalyanam pannanum

Sardar:Rendu 18 vayasu ponnungala katikalama

Josiar: …………….?!???????

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Thel kottina valikkum... paambu kottina valikkum .. mudi kottina valikkuma? - Vazhukumae

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Here comes the coMPUTER tHIRUKKURAL.. 1.Bug kandupiditharae oruthal avar naana DeBUG seidhuvidal... 2.COPY PASTE seidhu vazhvaarae vazhvoarmattravarellam CODING seidhu saavaar. 3.emmozhi marandhaarkumJOB undaam JOB illai C i Marandhavarkku. 4.CHAT -tinil YAHOO.Chat seiga illaiyael CHAT-in CHATtaamai nandr..

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"Muruganukku" Mottai podu, "Perumalukku" Naamam Podu, "Jesus"ku siluvai podu. My chellam, nee daily "jatti"podu, Marakkama "thovachi podu"

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Thooka marundhu sappitta thookam varum... Anaa...Irumal marundhu sappitta irumal varathu! (Enna kodumai saaar idhu)

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Nan rojavai pola alaganavan illai

Aanal en ‘IDAYAM’



En theriuma?

Athil neeum un Natoum iruppathal

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Yesterday i decided to sucide

I went to a mountain and tried to jump.

At that time i got a message in my mobile.

It's your message , after i read it

i decided to live.

U know why?

Vetti message anupura neeyelam uiroda irukumbodhu, na yaen saganum"...!

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