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=-= Harsh Reality =-=

Most Educated Peoples Here Let Their Kids To Play With Animals Like Dog. . . .


Not With a Kid Of Poor Back Ground. =(

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// ToDAy'S thoUght //










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LoVe iS LiKe QuiCkSanD
ThE DeEpEr yOu FaLL iN iT ThE HaRdeR iT iS tO GeT OuT...

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Why Is That

A Soldier Dies Happily


Why Do We Run To

...Help A Friend Even


Why Do We Feel Pleasure


Why r We Consoled Only

When We r Consoled By d

1 Who Made Us CRY

Why Do We Love Our Loved

1, Even When They HATE




Some DEFEATS r Sweeter

Than VICTORY. . !

LIFE z So Short To Realise

This JuzZz

FEEL It, LOVE It n LIVE It ...

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A l w a y s

T r y

T o

B e


F i r s t

P l a c e

W i n n e r

B c o z

T h e

S e c o n d

P l a c e

W i n n e r

I s

T h e

F i r s t

L o s e r ... (:

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"Sawat Girl Fake Punishment"
Yahoodi Propaganda Against Islam..
Can you Imagine?
After 34 Flicks the Girl Easly Stood up and Walked,
How is it Possible?
Like this more fake videos on "You-Tube"
Please Fwd this massege and save Isalam and Pakistan, And those who Beleive in this Videos..

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T o D a Y x

T h 0 u G h T


If You Never

Thank 'ALLAH' After

Every 'SMILE' ...


You Have No Right To

Blame 'HIM' For Every

'TEAR' ... ! !

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Life Is An Echo. . .
All Comes Back. . . The Gud, The Bad, The False & The True. . .
So, Give The World The Best You Have & The Best Will Come Back To You. . .

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