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Raat Soyi To Par Nind Meri Aankho Se Door Hi Rahi,
Palke Band Ki To Thi Par Unme Tumhara Hi Khawab Raha,
Na Chahte Huye Bhi Chhaya Raha Muj Par, Tumhari Baato Ka Ek Nasha,
Or Dhadkanome Tumhara Hi Nam Gunjata Raha,
Har Sans Ke Sath, Jitna Bhi Chaha Tumhari Socho Se Bhagna,
Utna Hi Tum Mere Karib Aate Gaye,
Tumhari Baato Me Khoti Huyi Ye Diwani,
Chupchap Se Piglati Rahi Shama Ke Mom Ki Tarah..

Tanha Tha Is Duniya Ki Bheer Main
Socha Koi Nahin Mery Taqdeer Main
Aik Din Aap Ne Dosti Ka Hath Barhaya
To Laga Kuch To Khas Tha Hato Ki Lakeer Main

Saaki Se Kah Do Ki May Me Ab Wo Baat Na Rahi
Jab Se Nigaaho Se Pee Hai Botal Ki Yaad Na Rahi
Behosh Kaun Karta Hai Ye To Waqt Hi Batayega
Par Jaam Me Ab Unki Nigaaho Si Kaaynaat Na Rahi

Smile An Ever Lasting Smile
A Smile Can Bring You Near To Me

Don’t Ever Let Me Find You Gone
‘Cause That Would Bring A Tear To Me

This World Has Lost Its Glory
Lets Start A Brand New Story

Now My Love You Think That
I Dont Even Mean A Single Word I Say

Its Only Words And Words Are All
I Have To Take Your Heart Away

Talk In Ever Lasting Words And
Dedicate Them All To Me

And I Will Give You All My Life
I m Here If You Should Call To Me

You Think That I Dont Even Mean A Single Word I Say
Its Only Words And Words Are All I Have

To Take Your Heart Away Its Only Words
And Words Are All I Have To Take Your Heart Away

Aaj Mere Intezar Ki Jeet Hogayi
Meri Mohabbat Ki Charcha Khule Aam Hogayi
Kabhi Hum Ko Dhokha Diya Tha Tumne Ishq Mein
Kaise Tum Mere Janaze Mein Shamil Hogayi
Jab Poocha Logo Ne Ki Mera Tumse Rishta Kya Tha
Aankhe Num Ker Humko Apna Pyar Tum Keh Gayi
Jane Kaise Yeh Bin Badal Barsat Hogayi
Mud Ke Bhi Dekho Yaaro Meri Mohabbat Aabad Hogayi.

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we plan a lot about how 2 celebrate the birthdays of our beloved people.
want gifts to buy 4 them n surprise them,
Do'nt we....
this time plan 2 send a gift to ALLAH 's prophat MUHAMMAD{PBUH}ON His coming birthday, send him a gift of darood sahreef,

khof-e-raqabat say tujhey khawahish naa bataimdil ki,,,
mein jissay chaaho'n usay log bohat chahtay hain.

You'll find as you grow older that you weren't born such a great while ago after all. The time shortens up.

Life spent with someone for a lifetime may be meaningless but a moment spent with someone who really cares u is more than life itself...!

Let Christmas not become a thing

Merely of merchant's trafficking,

Of tinsel, bell and holly wreath

And surface pleasure, but beneath

The childish glamour, let us find

Nourishment for soul and mind.

Let us follow kinder ways

Through our teeming human maze,

And help the age of peace to come

From a Dreamer's martyrdom.