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Hath Hi Nahin Aankhain Bhi Para Karo
Kuch Sawali Bara Khudar Huwa Karta Hain
Yeh Zaroori To Nahin Ka Har Koe Roo Ka Dikhaya
Khushk Aankhon Main Bhi Sailab Huwa Karta Hain

Kuch Andhera B Zaruri Hai Gham-E-Yaar K Sath
Ab Diya Koi Na Rakhe Meri Dewaar K Sath
Mein Jo Ik Umer Masafat Mein Raha, Tab Jana
Rah B Chalti Rahi Hai, Meri Raftaar K Sath
Ham To Yusaf Nahi,Bazaar-E-Sukhan Mein “FRAAZ”
Yun Hi Chal Parte Hein,Har Ik Kharidaar K Sath

Baadal Orh K Guzroon Ga Main Teray Aangan Se
Qaus O Qazah K Sab Rangonmain Tujh Ko Bheega Dekhoon Ga
Raat Gaye Jab Chaand Sitaray Lukan Meeti Khelein Gay
Aadhi Raat Ka Sapna Ban Kar Main Bhi Tum Ko Chuu Loon Ga
Be-Mausam Baarish Ki Soorat Der Talak Aur Door Talak
Teray Diyar-E-Husn Pe Main Bhi Kin Min Kin Min Barsoon Ga
Sharam Se Dohra Ho Jaye Ga Kaan Para Wo Bunda Bhi
Baad-E Saba K Lehjay Main Ek Baat Main Aisee Poochoon Ga
Safha Safha Ek Kitaab Husn Si Khultee Jaye Gi
Aur Usi Ko Lau Main Phir Main Tum Ko Azbar Kar Loon Ga!
Waqt K Ek Kankar Nay Jis Ko Akson Main Taqseem Kia
Aab-E-Rawan Main Kaisay Amjad Ab Wo Chehra Joroon Ga

We invest to much into three little words
“I Love You” sends a shocking body surge
The chemistry is something thats be unheard….
When I look into your eyes;
I sense the comfort and warmth I've Longed for,
to the point I can hardly speak
you make my knees weak.

When you hold me close in your arms;
I feel safe, away from harm
Couldn't help but to fall for your natural charm.
When my heads lays down on your chest;
I hear the beat of your heart ring in my ear,
The sound only I can hear
makes me shed a tear.
When you take my hand into yours;
I know with you I truly belong,
We'll walk this world till the end of time
me being yours and you being mine
and baby to me thats the bottom line.

Ham To Ek Musafir The Teri Rehgujar Ke
Socha Na Tha Teri Basti Me Apna Kabhi Makan Hoga
Teri Rehmat Ke Kisse Kis Zuban Se Kahun
Jise Teri Qadar Ho,Bhala Kaise Wo Fanaa Hoga.

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Life's Like a Mirror.
It Often Gets Misty With
The Fog Of Reality,
But Wipe It With Ur faith &
U'll See a
Clear Reflection Of Ur Dreams

Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new,Lets cherish each moment it beholds, Lets celebrate this blissful New year. Merry X-mas.

Whose Christmas parties are full of screams?


Christmas is a time for magic and dreams come true. Hope yours is filled with lots of fun and sparkle too! Merry Christmas to you

God Always Has Something

For You

A Key For Every Problem

A Light For Every Shadow

A Relief For Every Sorrow


A Plan For Every Tomorrow

Keep Faith =)