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Just Because Somebody Doesnt Love You
The Way You Want Them To,
Doesnt Mean They Dont Love You
With All They Have

Love has never been about the genes,
But about beauty, and unforgiving grace.
The wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus
Had nothing in her heart but wrenching joy.
Oh, yes, of course, love also is a means,
Serving the survival of the race.
But more, it is a longing that redeems us,
An end itself no ending can destroy.
And so it is with mothers who love children
Not of their flesh, but of their nurturing.
The origin fades, the years of love remain
Vivid in the background of a life.
For Rome, the wolf will always be its kindred,
Ancestor who took fate's offering
And made it hers through sacrifice and pain,
The legacy that would her long days light.

Ab aur kya tera bimar bap dega tujhe
bas ek dua ki khuda tujh ko kamayab kare
wo tank de tere aanchal mein chand aur tare
tu apne vaste jis ko bhi intakhab kare
Poet of the ghazal/poem or Nazam: Kaifi Azmi

Peena Chahu To Zehar Nahi Hai
Dubna Chahu To Lehar Nahi Hai
Marna Chaha Jab Uski Yaad Mein To
Maut Bhi Hans Kar Boli Ja Abhi Teri Umar Nhi Hai

Dil Haqikat Ko Kuchh Is Kadr Chhupata Hai,
Ki Wo Pathar Hai Magar Bahut Yaad Aata Hai,
Ek Main Hun Jo Aankhon Me Ask Jawan Liye Hoon,
Aur Ek Wo Hai Jo Aaj Bhi Surma Lagata Hai,
Dard Mere Seene Me Hai Mujhe Iska Gila Nahin,
Gila To Ye Hai Ki Ruk Ruk Ke Aata Hai,
Rab Ki Rehmat Ko Bhala Koun Jaan Paya Hai,
Jo Kisi Ko Seesa To Kisi Ko Pathar Banata Hai,
Dil Haqikat Ko Kuchh Is Kadar Chhupata Hai,
Ki Wo Pathar Hai Magar Bahut Yaad Aata Hai..

Recently Added Sms Messages

Cutest proposal ever by a boy of 5th std-
Boy- Do u hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night??
Gal- Yes!
Boy- Can I replace it for d rest of ur life?? ;-)

Softly d leaves of memory falls,slwly i'l gather n pick dem all,coz 2day,2morrw til my life's thru,i'l alwyz cherish having a "FRND LIKE U"

Assalam O Alaikum... "AEY ALLAH"

"TU Hi Tou Wo Hy K

Jise Mene Halat-E Marz Me Pukara Tou Shifa Dedi,

Bhook Me Pukara Tou Ghiza Dedi,

Piyas Me Pukara Tou Pani Pila Diya,

Zillat Me Pukara Tou Izzat Dedi,

Jahalat Me Pukara Tou Noor-E Maa'rifat Se Nawaz Diya,

Raah Me Bhatak Gaya Tou Rasta Dikha Diya,

Ghurbat Me Pukara Tou Ghani Bana Diya,

Jab Kuch B Na Manga Tou Khud Be Hisaab Ata Kr Diya."

Ae ALLAH Hum Par Rehem Farma,


Haath Ki Lakeero'n Main
Kia Talash Kerte Ho ?
In Fazool Baato'n Main
Kis Liye Ulajhte Ho ?
Jis Ko Milna Hota Hy
Zindagi K Rasto'n Par
Saath Saath Chalta Hy
Phir Kahan Bicherta Hy
Jo Nahi Muqaddar Main
Kab Humain Wo Milta Hy ?
Kab Wo Saath Chalta Hy ?
Haath Ki Lakeero'n Main
Kia Talash Kerte Ho ? ? ?

Sweet msg 4 a Zakkas person 4m a nice frnd 4 a lovely reason at a right time 4m a cool mind in a fantastic mood with a hatke style just 2 say Gud N9T.